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Costa Rica Tarrazu -Montes de Oro

Light roasts have honey graham cracker, lemon rind, grainy taste, caramel apple, Toblerone toffee-chocolate. Full City+ has spice, bittersweet chocolate, fruit, thicker body. City to Full City+ Roast.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Central America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade SHB
Appearance .2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations See the notes above. It works on a very wide range of roasts, City roast - just through 1st crack to FC+ and beyond. But it produces very different cup character at each level, always with sweetness. FC+ ended up seducing me ...
Weight 1 LB
Carrizal is the name of the finca (farm) and Montes de Oro is the name of the Micro Mill that has produced this great lot. It's the work of Emilio Gamboa and his family,and a they have a beautiful farm in the Tarrazu region, overlooking San Pablo de Le_n Cort©s. The altitude is 1650 -1700 meters and they have an incredibly clean, well-organized Micro Mill, with a majority of the coffee dried on raised beds, the rest on patio. As you may already know, "Miel" means honey, and refers to the fact that much of the fruit from the coffee cherry is left on the parchment (pergamino) seed to dry. This creates a coffee with heightened body, lower acidity, chocolate and fruited hints. The sweetest roasts in the dry fragrance evaluation was the very light City roast, just at the conclusion of 1st crack. It was very caramelly and honey-like. The coffee turns to chocolate as it passes to C+ and FC roast levels, but retains a milky sweetness too. The coffee opens up and reveals multifaceted fruits in the wet aroma, especially at the lightest (C) and darkest (FC+) roasts we tested. The range is from peach, tamarind and guayaba/guava ... and in the darker roast plum, prune and berry. These aromatics are to be expected in the best coffees that undergo the "Miel" type process. (I have tasted a lot of mediocre Miel coffees in the past 2 years, so I do not take these qualities for granted - you can ruin a coffee with this method, and it takes an experienced farmer and miller to get the sweetness out of this cup while retaining a clean character overall). What strikes me with Emilio's coffee is the fact it works at all roast levels, a versatile coffee that can be "interpreted" by the person roasting it in several ways. The light roast has a honey graham cracker character, accented by lemon with a touch of rind in the finish. There is a grainy taste and mouthfeel that disappears with a little more roast, City+, where caramel and apple flavors are dominant, with Toblerone toffee-chocolate flavors. At Full City and Full City+ spice accents give dimension to the more bittersweet chocolate roast taste, with the fruited secondary flavors I mentioned earlier. I really like this cup at FC+, a few snaps into 2nd crack. It reminds one of both classic Costa Rica character, balanced, but with the body lacking in wet-process coffees, and with that thick chocolatey body. It falls into the category of "great drinking coffee", something you want to brew up all the time, and share with others.