Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo

Farm Description

The arrival of this year's lot from Lourdes de Naranjo is a microlot from two specific plots designated "Fidel". When I was there I took the picture and drew out the borders in a notebook, so later I could make the image you see here that with the blue outlines. The older plot is where most of the coffee is from, and there is a new planting of young Caturra trees that will come into production with next harvest. This coffee was processed using a Penagos mechanical washing system, and kept separate since it has shown great cup potential in the past. It was dried on raised beds. This farm is not far from Finca Genesis, and shares the same soil, climate and altitude. It is processed in a different style, which accounts for the different cup characteristics.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

There is an abundance of cocoa powder and cane sugar in the dry fragrance, with red apple fruit notes. This carries into the wet aroma and the break with a prominent Cola scent along with some fruited brightness. The warm cup has a strong banana bread and fresh banana sweetness with a slight dry walnut in the finish. The mouthfeel has some texture in the cup giving it a little heft from warm to cool that works very nicely with this profile. As the cup cools, there's intensifying orange and cranberry notes as well as a bit of hibiscus tea in the lighter roasts, yet the aftertaste still as plenty of cocoa and cola. The hibiscus tartness also supports a cherry lambic-style beer note that's malty with a bit of sparkling brightness to it. This coffee can take a wide range of roasts as both the lighter and darker roasts showed a fantastic balance and sweetness.



Lot Size

25 Bags

Roast Recommendations

This coffee can take a ride range of roasts, City+ to Full City+


Wet Process


Caturra     Villa Sarchi    

Grade & Appearance

.6 defects per 300 grams, 15-17 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro

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