Farm Description

This is a microlot is processed at Helsar del Zarcero mill, but is not a blended mill lot. It is from the farm of one producer, Hernan Solis, and is entirely one varietal of coffee, Villa Sarchi. Villa Sarchi cultivar is a natural offspring of the old Bourbon type coffee, adapted to the climate of Costa Rica and the Naranjo area in particular. Hernan's farm is at 1600-1700 meters in a zone called Llano Bonito de Naranjo. The significance of the Helsar mill handling all Hernan's coffee is key to the cup quality as well. You can grow great coffee from a great varietal at great altitude, then ruin it completely in the wet-process or drying. Helsar is a farmer-owned mill that has produced great coffee every year we have worked with them, and has continued to invest in their neighbors’ coffees as well by building more capacity to process small lots separately. The care put into this coffee at all stages is proven out by the taste. It's a bright cup and also possesses nice body and balance. It's a screamer, a high-toned coffee at City roast, but quite balanced at Full City roast level. It is versatile.

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Cupping Notes

Solis Villa Sarchi is a complex coffee by Costa Rican standards. Aromatically the dry grounds were perfumed with scents of floral honey and yellow cherry, along with sweet spices such as cinnamon stick and even anis in a darker roast. Adding hot water really breathes life into this coffee's aromatic profile. The crust smelled of toffee, with the break producing wafts of dried cherry and spiced pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust. The differences in cup profile between the City and City+ roasts are interesting. The City roast was so complex and with a brilliant acidity/tartness that reminded me of white grape and lemon. The acidity at City+ roast was straight plum - the juicy, fleshiness of the fruit was accented perfectly by the tannins expected in the plum skin. Heavy cream and toasted sugar tied the flavor profile together in the City+ roast. The commonality between both roasts lies in the finish which is home to a strong presence of molasses and high percentage cacao; maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 - 75%. Mouth feel on this coffee is medium at best although suits its role perfectly by allowing sweetness and acidity to shine in the forefront. The finish on Solis is classic Costa Rica to me with a sweetness so clean its almost effervescent. A buttery, caramel note is undeniable. This coffee turns dark in color very fast, so pay attention to roast time, and don't be afraid to rely on instinct when roasting.



Lot Size

86 60kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ for a brighter cup, also outstanding at Full City.


Wet Process


Villa Sarchi    

Grade & Appearance

.2 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped in GrainPro, vacuum packed at our warehouse
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Villa Sarchi coffee shrubs

Ripe cherry on the farm

Hernan looks out his treehouse window at the West Valley

Hernan on the farm


#1 This is one of the best

This is one of the best Central Amer coffees I've had this year. Super juicy, floral apricot, apricot juice that brightens + sweetens as it cools, and then milk chocolate in the finish. Such a range for this coffee, watched a couple eyes pop out of heads when I set it up for cupping in Denver last week.

#2 Costa Rica Villa Sarchi

I really, really want to get this coffee, I've tasted Gonzalo's other coffees last year, most of them were amazing, despite the bad weather that summer. Since he's growing a variety of interesting, unique cultivars, like Montecristo and Dilla Alghe and others, it would be a thrill to see those available at the Coffee Shrub. Mr. Hernandez Solis is indeed a good man with a goal of growing varieties that have fallen out of favor because they were either disease-prone, or didn't produce like the modern hybrids. Hats off to him and his crew.