Costa Rica Chirripo Los Crestones

Farm Description

Los Crestones is an area of unique rocky outcroppings in the area of the Chirripó National Park. It is also a region of coffee production adjacent to the parklands, and this lot was a late harvest selection from 1600-1700 meters. This is a small lot, a really a new coffee region that we have never offered before. It might be surprising to some to note how we received this lot. I rejected a Crestones offering earlier in the season, with no general complaint except that I found it boring and it didn't inspire many descriptors. I can't deal with a coffee like that. Any mill, especially a good one like this that separates their lots by producer, by coffee plot, or by mini regions within their growing areas, is going to have variable qualities. Not every coffee can be a winner, even if you do everything right, harvest well, select ripe cherry, process and dry correctly, etc. You will maximize quality for each respective lot, but you can't elevate it beyond the threshold of the coffee shrub's potential, its health, the soil and micro-climate, the organic input factor, and all the other agricultural variables. Anyway, that mill out-turn was plain; this one, late harvest, from a 1600-1700 meter area, arrived so sweet and fabulous it made me do a double take. Was this really Crestones?

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

The dry fragrance at lighter roast levels has a "jam on toast" scent; whole wheat toast derived mostly from the sweetness of the roast and a peach preserve jammy note. I was really surprised by the sweet aromatics here ... the wet aroma. It's a classic Costa Rica cup, clean and bright, buttery, caramel and cane sugar sweetness, mild fruits, toffee, hazelnut, cleanly disappearing. It has a rather light body, but attractive mouthfeel qualities, and floral accents in the cup, but is not a super complex coffees. It fades elegantly but rather fast on the palate. I like that: Sometimes you don't want a coffee that will hang around in your mouth for a half hour after drinking it. Sometimes it's nice to have a break from crazy dry-process fruit bomb lots, or exotic leathery-hidey Yemeni coffees. Crestones is like pushing the reset button, to recall what a really clean, delicate, bright, mild, sweet cup of coffee actually tastes like. And the emphasis here is sweet - I don't give that many "9" scores for sweetness but Crestones at C+ roast deserves it for sure.



Roast Recommendations

City+ roast level is ideal here, although it works a bit lighter or a bit darker than that.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

.0 defect per 300 grams, 16-18 screen; Excellent preparation.


Shipped in jute, packed in GrainPro at our warehouse

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