Colombia Vereda San Miguel

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  • Process Method Wet Process
  • Cultivar Typica, Variedad Colombia, Caturra
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Vereda San Miguel, Buesaco, Nariño
Processing Wet Process
Drying Method Raised Bed, Covered
Arrival date December 2017 Arrival
Lot size 9
Bag size 70
Packaging GrainPro liner
Farm Gate Yes
Grade Estate
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 15+ screen
Roast Recommendations City to Full City - sweet, complex, and clean all along this spectrum
Weight 1 LB
Type Farm Gate

"Vereda San Miguel" is a blend made up from the coffees of two producers in the area, Jairo Armero and Libardo Urbano. 9 bags in total, the cup profiles of the two coffees paired well together and so we decided to offer as a regional blend so more folks are able to get their hands on some. We haven't visited their farms yet, but cup tested the samples at the association they belong to in Buesaco town, a new venture started by two brothers who stepped out on their own to offer a more direct and transparent option than some of the local competitors. Association membership is growing, and we tasted some truly impressive coffees when cupping at their warehouse on our last visit. Farms are typically planted in Caturra and Variedad Colombia (F4 and F6 types), and this is a fully washed batch.

This Vereda San Miguel coffee cups with such cleanliness in light roasts, sweet tea and fruit flavors are pronounced, and brisk citrus acidity adds structure. The fragrance of City roasts have an apple sweetness, along with demurara sugar and clove spice accents. Adding hot water raises a butter cream frosting smell from the wetted coffee, sweet to the point of floral, and toffee and golden raisin scents linger in the steam after breaking through the crust. The cup profile is complex at City and Full City roast levels, lighter roasting bringing out flavors of red apple and raisin, and a yellow cherry accent. The cooling cup reveals fruited tea notes, black tea with lemon, a floral peach tea note marking the finish. Light roasts push the highest level of perceived acidity, with a tangy-tart side that is like lemonade. Full City roasts have impressions of dark grape and berry, that along with a piquant side, reminds me of mulberries. Full City roasting builds a fair amount of chocolate roast tones, and what starts as a sweet, dark fruited cup, finishes with bittersweet dark cacao tones to savor.