Colombia Narino La Union

Farm Description

Narino is the southernmost province in Colombia, bordering Ecuador. Due to its close proximity to the Equator, sitting roughly 1 degree north, coffee can be grown at extreme altitudes - some over 2,200 meters! Where Bourbon has trouble withstanding chilly evenings and traditional Typica yields continue to be tough at these altitudes, Caturra transcends all other varietals above 2,000 maslin terms of viability of production and cup quality are concerned. La Union is the largest town center closest to the Cauca border. It serves an overnight pitstop for folks and freight in transit from Cali and Popayan to and from Pasto and the Ecuadorian border. Coffee is planted in the highlands surrounding town often above 2,000 meters in this area. Processing is simple, rudimentary but quite efficient when done cleanly. The coffee beans are manually removed from their skins via a hand-crank machine. El Gallo is the most popular brand in Colombia. The beans are left to ferment overnight, washed in the same tank or a secondary tank next to it and then dried on raised, parabolic beds which use a plastic covering to protect the beans from the elements.

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Cupping Notes

La Union is a juicy, sweet, and unique Colombian coffee. Cane juice, plum, and floral tea permeate the dry fragrance at City+ roast, adding smokey chocolate to the list closer to Full City. The wet grounds have a sarsaparilla sweetness, black strap molasses, and a bit of tamarind on the break La Union is a bright coffee with a complex array of acidity. Flavors of white grape juice and green apple are the more dominant flavors in both a City and City+ roasts, along with hints of root beer, black tea, and orange oil. Full City has a fruited, Scharfenberger chocolate flavor, honey sweetness, and a bit of malt powder in the finish. This is a versatile coffee that retains vibrancy, as well as its fine cacao and malic flavors intact across the roast spectrum.



Lot Size

30 x 70 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

Extremely versatile across the roast spectrum, but best in the City+ to Full City range.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

Excelso; .4 d/300gr, 15+ Screen


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Narino backroads, in La Union

Parabolic beds in La Union

Ripe Caturra in La Union


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