Colombia Inza Finca Bellavista

Farm Description

This coffee is from Finca Bellavista, one of the larger farms in this micro-region of Inza, southern Colombia. There are three lots on Bellavista, one each for the husband and wife of the farm, and one run by their eldest son. The farm is 54 hectares in total, 12 devoted specifically to coffee, planted in a mix of caturra, bourbon, and typica. When I was there a few weeks back, his entire nursery was filled with new plantings of bourbon that will begin producing in another couple of years. Like many of his neighbors, they oversee the processing of their coffee every step of the way. This keeps the coffee under one set of scrutinizing eyes at each processing stage.

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Cupping Notes

This lot from FInca Bellavista has a nice sweet/spiced fragrance, the dry grounds smelling of raw honey and all-spice. Wetting the crust with hot water brings builds out the honeyed cup structure, a candied sweetness that is echoed on the break. The cup flavors are well defined, and this coffee's finish is quite clean. The flavor and sweetness of a City+ roast is like honey and comb, and a slightly tart citrus flavor hangs overhead. The middle shows a strong caramel flavor verging on burned sugar in the aftertaste. City+ roasts extract fruited notes, grape and plum hints, and a cane juice flavor holding out in the long finish. The acidity is well integrated in the cup, adding to an already well-balanced profile. Single origin espresso's are so sweet, viscous, and with a concentrated acidic tartness



Lot Size

11 x 70kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City to Full City for brewed coffee, and on up to Full City+ max for espresso


Wet Process


Bourbon     Caturra     Typica    

Grade & Appearance

Estate; .6 d/300gr, 15+ screen


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One of the drying beds at Bellavista

Padlock at the beneficio

Bourbon starts in the nursery