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Colombia Finca Buenavista -Carlos Imbachi Microlot Jan 2010

From one of the small award-winning producers we work with directly. A very sweet coffee, fruited with guava, strawberry, peach, tamarind, plum, floral aromatics, honey and cane sugar. City to City+ roast is ideal but works at darker levels too.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade Farm-Specific MicroLot
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 15-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations See the notes in the review: City to City+ is highly recommended. I don't feel this is a coffee that should get into 2nd crack at all.
Weight 1 LB
In our farm-direct Colombia program, when a coffee is between 86 and 88, it goes into our 3-Star blend, and above 88 it becomes a farm-specific lot. That's what we have here, a lot that distinguished itself in the weekly cuppings of samples sent to me from Colombia, and one we felt must be offered separate from all others. Earlier we had a lot of Carlos Imbachi that won First Place at the SCAA Coffee of the Year at the 2009 Conference in April. To give you some perspective, the famous Panama Esmeralda Especial Gesha came in 2nd to our 290 Lb Carlos Imbachi lot! It speaks volumes about the quality potesxzsntial of Colombia coffees, once you stop blending the great ones with the lesser ones. And for this, the farm and the exporter, Virmax, deserve the credit. All I did was cup it and recognize the obvious quality. After we had such a great experience with his small lot, we focused on cupping his later harvest lots, and put together this selection of weekly-picking separations to form our new (and larger than 290 Lbs) Carlos Imbachi Microlot. Sr. Imbachi's farm is in the San Augustin area of Huila at 1753 meters altitude. The dry fragrance of this coffee is cake-like, with a heady sweetness, confectionary, with honey, plum, raisin and floral nectar notes. Add hot water and there is a more succinct sweetness that comes forward, jammy and dense, with guayaba tropical fruit essences and a cane sugar sweetness. In the cup it is juicy and bright, the lighter roasts having a slight hazelnut roast tone overlayed with strawberry, peach, tamarind, and plum notes in the finish. It is so sweet, so well-graced with clean fruit flavors and floral suggestions. Looking at the roasts I did, the light City roast looked impossibly under-done, but cupped wonderfully, my top pick for sure. So listen to first crack and stop the roast when it has concluded; it will look variegated in color and creased but cup beautifully. I found it passes quickly from 1st crack to 2nd crack, so pay attention. Really, the coffee was exceptional through the entire roast spectrum from C to FC+, but the light roasts are where all it's special character was in full bloom. If you end up with a darker roasts, expect "chocolate-covered raisin" character, nice but not so exotic as the light roast flavor profile. Yet as the dark roast cools, this coffee distinguishes itself from the ordinary, with rose floral notes, stone fruit and plum peaking out from behind the bittersweet chocolates.