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Kenya Fundamentals

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Kenyan coffees are masterpieces. They're the total package. My favorite aspects of Ethiopian coffees are their floral aromatics and balance.

by Aleco Chigounis and Christopher Schooley, photos Thompson Owen


What goes into Producing Top Kenya Coffee Aleco Chigounis

Naturally again/follow up

There was some excellent comments to the post I made a while back about my trip to Brazil in July. I loved the conversations that took about taking a closer look at processing. One of the questions that I asked was about harvesting and sorting, and what measurements and tools could be used in learning how to develop certain characteristics in the cup as well as control quality.


Make Friends with Blends

In light of the release of Shrub Espresso #1, I wanted to talk a bit about blends. It's been heartening to see more and more people sharing the components of their espresso blends either on the grinders or on some sort of signage, it speaks to the idea that you can still be transparent with your coffees and still promote them individually even in the context of a blend.

Confused? Naturally

I just returned from the Roasters Guild Origin Trip to Brazil and there were a number of things that we saw that surprised me in both good and bad ways. We visited 9 different producers or producing groups where the main good surprises were the diversity of cup characteristics that we saw in the many cuppings in the many different growing areas. There was a clarity to many of the coffees that one doesn't traditionally associate with coffee from Brazil.

Fun with American DJ Black Lights!

We had the opportunity to cup some phenomenal coffees last week while I was visiting Oakland. It was a blast to all get together to look at some new coffees from Ethiopia that will be arriving shortly as well as cupping through some great coffees from Burundi deciding on which lot to get up on shrub. If you haven't peeped it out yet, take a glance at the Burundi Karinzi Maruri Hill page:

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aligning the planets

Been working on getting the planets (or some of them at least) aligned, and it looks like we're getting pretty close with Jupitar, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all getting into the fun. What does all this mean for Coffee Shrub? For starters it means that Aleco is just getting back from his first Shrub mission to Ethiopia and Kenya, and word is that there are some stunning offerings lined up. It also means that there will be a Schooley trek out to Oakland in about two weeks.