Storing Your Roasted Coffee: Tips on how to store your freshly home roasted coffee.
Brewing Coffee (A framework..) General Brewing Information Sheet: When you brew coffee, hot water acts as a solvent, washing the soluble solids out of the coffee grinds and into the brew.
Roasted Coffee Storage: Freshly roasted coffee should be treated like fresh bakery goods or produce.
Tiny Joy: March/April 2012: Electric Coffee Brewers/ Using Taste to Determine Roast Level
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Using Smell to Determine Degree of Roast:
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Pour Over Party Part 1: Bonmac, Kone, Kantan and Kantan's Clone (Video): Comparing different pour-over brew methods.
Pour Over Party Part 2: The Results (Video): Results of a comparison of different pour-over brewing methods
Single Cup Coffee Filter (Video): Tom demonstrates the details of this little filter that sits on the top of your coffee cup. It's nice for travel or the office.
Stovetop Vacuum Brew Pictorial (Yama, Bodum Santos): The Yama Vacuum Brewer is a stovetop model from Japan that resembles the long-gone Silex and Cory glass models....
Using an Aeropress: AeroPress comes with some good instructions. If you did not receive them in your AeroPress box....
The Flair and Rok Compared (Video): Here's how these two lever machines stack up against each other.
The Flair Espresso Maker: In-Depth Discussion (Video): Tom, Lily and Dan discuss the ins and outs of the Flair espresso maker.
Clever Cleaning : Here's a few ways to give your Clever Coffee Dripper proper care.
A French Press Moment:
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