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Brazil Organic Nossa Senhora de Fatima

A true dry-process Brazil character with syrupy sweet fruit, berry and baked peaches, rustic chocolate, toasted coconut, sweet tobacco in the finish. City+ to Full City+
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade 2/3s SS FC
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 16-18 screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+. This lot benefits from a real "medium" roast; too light and it lacks the body and dimension; too dark and it becomes unsweet and ashy.
Weight 1 LB
Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima is near the town of Perdizes, Minas Gerais, owned by Ricardo and Gisele Resende. Nossa Senhora de Fatima was named after the virgin Fatima, and also after a religious city in Portugal where Ricardo_‹_s mother was born. It's one of a handful of Brazil coffees we have vacuum packed at origin, before export. The farm is located in the 'Triangulo Mineiro' in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais and sits at an elevation of 950 meters above sea level with 1500 mm rainfall. The farm is 100% organic, without agrochemical inputs. Environmental preservation is a top priority at Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fatima. The farm is dedicated to replanting native tress and caring for the indigenous fauna and flora, as well as protecting the native species. Livestock is also reared at the farm and includes chickens, cows and pigs. The whole farm covers an area of 395 hectares of which 235 hectares are put over to coffee. Nossa Senhora de Fatima farm is 100% organic. The farm has its own fertilizer plant where Ricardo makes organic fertilizer, composed of animal manure and plant composts, that is the only fertilizer to touch the coffee plants. To combat bugs and coffee plant plagues, Ricardo uses pharmaceutical plants like the Neen and the Embo trees from India. We offer this coffee as a dry-process lot, although they do peel the skin when it is harvested, making it a pulp natural. But everything about this coffee in terms of the cup screams "dry-process"; intense chocolate, fruit and body! The dry fragrance is clearly fruited, but clean (as opposed to fermenty fruit). There are berry syrup notes and baked peach pie, which a sweet chocolate backdrop. Adding water, the wet aromatic has a herbal balsam shampoo quality, plus the baked fruit accents found in the dry grounds. It has an imposing sweetness, and a dark malted note as well. The cup has raisin, rustic chocolate and baked peaches, with a thick, viscous mouthfeel. There are traces of toasted coconut, and macadamia nut as well. In the finish, a slight tobacco and mint flavor come out. It is definitely true the the character of Brazil dry-process coffees, like the Poco Fundo lots we have had in the past but with a more definite, sweeter fruit quality. Oddly, I keep thinking about the Yemeni coffee flavor profile as I cup this.