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Brazil Organic -Fazenda Jacaranda

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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region South America
Grade Estate Organic
Appearance .8 d/300gr, 17+ Screen
Roast Recommendations For brewed coffee I have best results at Full City, or FC+ for espresso
Weight 1 LB
Fazenda Jacaranda is at 1200 meters altitude in Sul de Minas, Brazil. It's an old farm, 6 generations in the Franco family, founded in 1856! Carlos Franco and his sons now run the farm with a new, innovative vision toward sustainability, and Fazenda Jacaranda has Organic certification from the Biodynamic Institute of Brasil (IBD). This coffee comes fairly late in the season when most natural dry-process coffees have already arrived. It has a very clean cup compared to other naturals that are a lot more fruity-pulpy, or have more rustic earth notes or even medicinal flavor qualities. The fragrance from the dry grounds of a Full City roast sample have a dark sweetness to them, bittersweet chocolate and ground hazelnuts. There are warming spice notes in the wet aroma, dark malted sweetness, and caramel, with a touch of herby goldenseal. The cup has an amazingly balanced chocolate note, at first bittersweet, but more like a sweet milk chocolate as the cup cools. Ripe fruited flavors lurk in the shadows of the chocolate foreground taste. I have trouble defining this mild, clean fruited character, partly because of how well it integrates itself into the other cup flavors. It's ripe, winey, mature fruit though. Ever have chocolate with winey, fruit peeking out from behind the dominant bitter/sweet flavors? The body has a very silky-creamy quality, and lends itself to the subdued, tenor-to-bass range finish. Now, the real treat here is Single Origin espresso. I can't recommend this coffee enough for SO espresso, especially at a relatively light FC to FC+ range. It seems to draw out soooo much from this coffee: It has great aroma, sweetness, lemony brightness, dutch cocoa, long chocolate aftertaste. If you like SO espresso, you really *must* try this.