Brazil Dry Process Conceicao das Pedras

Middle roasts develop a big bodied cup, with flavors of chocolate-covered peanuts, hot fudge, burned caramel and hazelnut. Long, bittersweet finish. City+ to Full City+. Good for espresso.

  • Process Method Dry Process
  • Cultivar Typica, Bourbon Types
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region Conceicao das Pedras, Minas Gerais
Processing Dry Process (Natural)
Drying Method Patio Sun-Dried
Arrival date February 2020 Arrival
Lot size 42
Bag size 60 KG
Packaging GrainPro Liner
Farm Gate Yes
Cultivar Detail Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo
Grade Estate
Appearance .6 d/300gr, 16-18 Screen
Roast Recommendations City+ to Full City+
Type Farm Gate
Recommended for Espresso Yes

This lot is made up of coffees from four different smaller producers in the Conceicao das Pedras Municipality of Minas Gerais. This is our first year working with a woman from the area who has set up a buying operation in this region focused on buying from small holders in the south, an all female led cooperative called Amecafe (look out for that one in the near future) as well as a few larger estates in her home town. Her father has an estate of his own which is where her initial coffee background is from. The farms that make up this particular lot are fairly close in altitude, ranging from 1100 to 1200 meters above sea level and are planted in a mix of Bourbon, Red and Yellow Catuai and Mundo Novo. 

The dry fragrance has a familiar smell of cheap chocolate and nut, a combination that reminds me of chocolate-covered peanuts. Sweetness builds in the wet aroma, as it often does, and a scent of hot fudge and roasted nut wafts in the steam. City+ is a good place to start and I think you'll find the flavors presented in the cup are pretty well-balanced in the City+ to Full City range. Sugar in the raw and burned caramel sweetness are tasted along with pleasant hazelnut and peanut flavors. Body is big and carries bittersweetness long into the aftertaste. Full City+ roasts have more of the bittering roast characteristics than sweetness, but still works quite well, especially when offset by steamed milk.