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Brazil Daterra Farms - Sweet Yellow

A balanced, mild, versatile coffee with savory aromatics, toasted bread, honey, caramel malt, sunflower seed, mild acidity, highly viscous mouthfeel. City+ for brewed coffee, FC for espresso.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate Yes
Region South America
Farm Gate Yes
Grade Penta Grade System, Vacuum Pac
Appearance .0 d/300gr, 16-18 screen
Roast Recommendations City+ is most intense for brewed coffee. FC for espresso is what we prefer, producing a bright, sweet cup. We don't roast this into 2nd crack for drip or espresso.
Weight 1 LB
Recommended for Espresso Yes
Daterra Farms is a remarkable presence in the Brazilian coffee world ...and the entire coffee world, actually. Here we find one of the most innovative cultivators of coffee, where each step is scrutinized, rethought, reinvented. It is more of a coffee research institute than a farm! Well, that's not true ... like all farms the coffee tree predominates, but here we have each plot marked off in terms of what "experiment" is currently being conducted to improve cup quality. When I visited there were plots of huge 20 foot tall "native" coffee trees, then pure Catuai cultivar areas, Icatu, Mundo Novo and other cultivars I have never encountered. And then there were the old traditional cultivars, Typica and Bourbon. We cupped a range of their coffees and, instead of selecting Yellow Bourbon as we have in the past, we found the best cup in their Sweet Yellow blend. Sweet Yellow? It's a blend of Yellow cultivars, Bourbon and Icatu, great for brewed coffee and espresso! Like our previous Daterra lots, this is a vacuum packed coffee that underwent Penta system preparation as the Reserve. What's Penta? It's central component is Daterra's system to sort coffee under black florescent lights, with added defect removal steps, store in special warehouses optimized for coffee, locking in the moisture content in the green coffee with vacuum packaging, boxing and shipping. Perhaps it is the future of green coffee, primarily because coffee must be transported through humid zones in the origin country and (especially if the container of traditional burlap bags gets waylaid at port) can result in the coffee taking on moisture; it's a bad thing. This coffee is versatile, for espresso single origin espresso, espresso blends, or brewed coffee. The dry fragrance has caramel/molasses and warm spice, caraway, a sweet-savory scent (umami). The wet aroma is like honey on toasted bread, and a bit of anise on the break. The brewed cup is very balanced and mild, with soft acidity, caramel and malty grain sweetness, and highly viscous body. There's an interesting nutty note, somewhat like toasted sunflower seed. The espresso has balanced chocolate bittersweet, cocoa powder, creamy body, and (at FC roast) a nice bright, pointed accent that is neither citric nor fruited. It has a malty tone, and is perfect as a base to use with an accent coffee, an Ethiopia for example.