Bolivia Organic San Ignacio Lot #1736

Farm Description

Buenavista is a centralized coffee processing station in Caranavi, the capital of the Yungas province in northern Bolivia. Bolivia is one of the more difficult regions to source great coffees from as cooperative politics and a general lack of production are tricky to navigate. Luckily, we have a good relationship with this particular outfit who have proven most adept at procuring good cherry and processing it cleanly. Pedro Rodriguez and son, Pedro Pablo own and operate the processing station. This particular lot comes from a community in the highlands above Caranavi known as San Ignacio, a community comprised mainly of indigenous Bolivians.

Cherry transportation to the mill is unique. Beginning in early evening a lineup of taxis trails down the road leading up to Buenavista. It looks like the line waiting to pick up passengers at the airport. But instead of acquiring fares these taxis are delivering cherry to mill from farmers in a handful of different mountain towns above the mill and across Caranavi. Pedro and Pablo have hired these cars to bring them their coffee instead of sending their own trucks. Its genius in a way.

After arriving the coffee cherry is weighed, floated for density and depulped with a Penagos depulper. The coffees beans are fermented overnight for rarely more than 18 hours as Caranvi is at low and relatively humid which speeds up the process. After washing the beans are typically dried on raised beds although patios are also used.

Buenavista is a great operation. They're quite adept at keeping lots separate during the season and have a great quality control team in place. We'll offer a slew of different lots from them over the course of the next couple months so do be prepared a wide array of flavor profiles.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Brown sugar notes and sweet, pipe tobacco perfume the dry grounds of this coffee. Fresh cream and blackberry rose from the crust of the coffee while the break had raisin and even dark liquor like aged rum. Dark fruits like raisin and black currant set the tone for the cup which is subtle but elegant and complete. Even hints of darker tropical fruit like tamarind linger in the background. This is balanced coffee with hints of creaminess supporting the fruit. As the coffee cools a syrupy chocolate flavor appears and rides through the finish. This Buenavista lot does really well across the broad spectrum of roast profiles. While the lighter roast demonstrates more of the fruit notes a more developed roast gives great nuances of burnt sugar and high percentage cacao. Like many of the other Buenavista lots this one will show exceptionally well as espresso.


Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

City to City+ bring out the profile described in the review.




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