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Bali Organic "Blue Krishna" Kintamani

Lighter roasts have brightness and fruit, with nutty roast taste. FC+ has a more chocolate-laced roast flavor, less fruit, more pungency. City+ to Full City+ roast.
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  • Process Method No
  • Farm Gate No
Region Indonesia & SE Asia
Grade 1
Appearance .4 d/300gr, 16-18 screen
Roast Recommendations City+ captures the brightness and fruit, with nutty roast taste. Proceed to FC or FC+ for a more chocolate-laced roast flavor, but the fruit brightness is diminished.
Weight 1 LB
In the past, Bali coffees have been hit-or-miss, usually suffering from transport damage (being held up in sweltering port cities). The quality has improved dramatically lately, and there is coffee available from small-holder farmer groups in Bali that belong to cooperative mills. These are called Subak Abian groups in Bali, and are actually a combined coffee coop and Hindu religious group, ruled democratically by a communally written set of rules called an "awig-awig." The basic guiding philosophy of the Subak Abian is called the "Three Happy Causes" (Tri Hita Karana) which stresses the importance of religion to man, to other men, and to the environment. Kintamani is basically the highlands of volcanic Bali, at the top of the island in the mountainous area. We have offered wet-hulled Bali coffee that bears a greater resemblence to the earthy lots from Sumatra and Sulawesi, but Blue Krishna is a fully wet-processed coffee. Wet-process is actually the tradition on Bali, as opposed to other islands of Indonesia, and they are quite good at it. The preparation of this lot is excellent, and just because it has a brighter, cleaner cup profile does not mean it lacks Indonesia origin character. The dry fragrance from a light City + roast is attractively fruited with tamarind and peach-mango hints. The wet aromatics are floral, and the sweet mango note still comes through. On the break, it's mildly nutty and there's a bit of foresty earth that comes through; that Indonesia character. The cup is so much brighter and high-toned than other coffees from the region, it's hard to compare them. It definitely has the fruit flavors found in Java, Timor and Flores coffees, but bears little resemblance to Sulawesi or Sumatra coffees (except for the rare wet-process coffees from those origins). The body is viscous, and nut flavors dominate the roast (although they turn to a soft milk chocolate at Full City roast levels). There are herbal and floral flavors, wildflowers, and a bit of sage and sweet basil.