Sonofresco Flagship Roaster - One Pound Capacity

Sonofresco Flagship Roaster - One Pound Capacity

The Sonofresco Flagship 1lb machine roasts batches with simple and easy to use controls. Has your coffee roasting hobby turned into something that resembles a small scale roastery? If you are looking for a machine that fills the gap between your small-batch home roaster and a commercial roaster, the Sonofresco is worth considering. The build quality is unlike any home roasting appliance. There's no cheap-o parts or shortcuts taken in the design and it doesn't have any "personality" issues like some home machines have. You don't have to worry about hacks or tricks to get it to attain the roast level you want. The chaff collector works well and is easy to clean out between roasts. Full batches take about 18 minutes to complete.

This machine keeps it simple and is controlled solely with the buttons on the side. If you feel like you need more control and want to connect it to your computer in the future, you can purchase and install the Sonofresco Advanced Digital Roasting kit. If you plan on setting it up in your roastery/cafe', it'll put on a pretty good show for your customers. If you thought fireplaces and washer/dryer windows were entertaining, you are gonna love gawking at this high speed coffee lava lamp.

Is this machine right for everyone? No. The Sonofresco is large, heavy and a bit awkward to move around. Also, considering how much it costs, Sonofrescos are for those that are ready to commit some time, money and space to coffee roasting.

-The “Quick fit” fuel conversion system lets you easily switch between natural gas and propane.

-1 year warranty

-Simple venting options are available

-UL/CSA Listed

-NSF-4 Approved (Food Safety)

-Made in USA

-Sonofresco roasters will ship directly to you from Sonofresco's headquarters in WA.

-Sonofresco ships domestically within 48 hours of receiving your order


Shipping will be calculated after purchase. After you place your order, we will email you a shipping quote and we will add the cost onto your order amount. Estimated UPS ground shipping usually ends up to be around $100, depending on where you live.

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