Green Coffee List

Below is the list of single-origin coffees we currently have in stock. We also wholesale bags for roasted coffee and Abid Clever Coffee Drippers.

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Baking spice melange, brown sugar, sweet tea, grape, cacao bar
From $4.34 per lb
Dark brown sugar, coffee nib candy, hibiscus tea tartness, baking spices, bittersweet cocoa
From $5.78 per lb
Syrupy sweet, concord grape, tartness, chocolate complexity, rustic tones
From $4.52 per lb
Honey, raw sugar, jasmine, citrus, black tea, body
From $4.30 per lb
Unrefined sugars, raisin, baking spices, bodied, clean finish
From $5.73 per lb
Raw sugar, bittersweet cocoa, basil, grape skin, tartaric acidity
From $4.73 per lb
Dark brown sugar, dried fig and date, tartaric acidity, layered cocoa, clean
From $4.68 per lb
Caramelized sugars, structured acidity, layered citrus, barley tea, complex cup
From $6.91 per lb
Dark honey, dried fruits, caramelized sugar, spices, malic acidity, clean
From $4.15 per lb
Raw cane juice, lemon oil, candied tropical fruits, baking spices, wildflowers, clean finish
From $4.53 per lb
Tropical fruit, malt syrup, herbal tones, pipe tobacco, cedar, baker's cocoa
From $4.93 per lb
Coffee Cupping Notes
Burundi Collines Rugabano Rugabano is a fairly dense coffee, being Bourbon grown at relatively high altitude, and most noticeable in the gentle snaps of 1st crack without having to pull back on the heat. We did a City+ and Full City roast in our sample roaster, and both...
Colombia Pitalito Santa Rita SWP Decaf The ground coffee has a nice fragrance of vanilla and spice tea, raw sugar, and dried fruits - the latter most prevalent in roasts closer to Full City. The vanilla/spice culmination carries over in the wet aromatics and is matched by a lingering...
Espresso Workshop #34 - Ewe Tu We found this coffee's sweet spot to be right around Full City roast level. This level of development brings out matched chocolate sweetness and tart acidity, without muting some of the tropical aspects brought on by these coffees (especially the...
Ethiopia Sidama - Kochowa Town This lot from Deri Kochowa has an up-front floral and spice smell. The dry fragrance is perfumed with cinnamon stick and dried lilac, even as you edge toward Full City. Adding hot water brings up a smell of floral caramel and baked apple with brown...
Huila y Huehue SWP Decaf Blend The dry fragrance is loaded with a smell of caramelizing sugars, toasted and sweet, and at City+ you get a sense of dried fruit top notes. With the addition of hot water, a smell of vanilla creme caramel comes up in the steam, so sweet and creamy,...
Java Gunung Wayang The dry fragrance has a chocolatey smell, especially in deeper roast levels, and mixed with a sweet scent of dried fig. The wet crust has an herbaceous quality, like sweet basil, tied up with notes of rustic sugars and cocoa - especially bittersweet...
Java Sunda - Gunung Patuha The dry fragrance has a smell of milk chocolate, slightly malted, along with a bit of almond meal. Full City roasts have a sweet pungency, like fresh red honey, giving a nice retronasal response. The wet aroma of the crust is closely tied to the cup...
Kenya Nyeri Kigwandi SWP Decaf Kenyan coffees are known for bracing acidity and citrus notes, and this decaf version has retained much of these inherent cup characteristics. The dry fragrance has a faint smell of citrus peel, and toasting, caramelized sugars. There's a green herb...
Rwanda Karenge This lot from Karenge shows a nice level of complexity in the cup, apple juice and spice flavors taking a front seat. Grinding the coffee lets off a smell of chocolate and dark toffee, as well as an all-spice note. The wet grounds are very sweet,...
Rwanda Kivu Kibuye Kibuye is a super star Rwanda, cupping with extreme cleanliness, and all the top notes you hope for in a highlight coffee. The dry grounds are perfumed with florals, a rich red honey scent, and laced with dried spices. Adding hot water gives off a...
Sumatra Lintong - Opung HR The dry grounds have a rustic sweetness of rice syrup, some toasted barley, and dried papaya. The wet aroma is complex and quite potent, ripe tropical fruits, earthy peet and cedar. Breaking the crust gives off a sweet, syrupy smell of berries and...