Green Coffee List

Below is the list of single-origin coffees we currently have in stock. We also wholesale bags for roasted coffee and Abid Clever Coffee Drippers.

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Developed sweetness, roasted nut, mild fruit, body
From $5.16 per lb
Baking spice melange, brown sugar, sweet tea, grape, cacao bar
From $4.49 per lb
Floral sugar, tangelo, cranberry juice, lemon, brisk tea
From $4.29 per lb
Red honey, fresh apple, pastry dough, cider-like acidity
From $4.59 per lb
Brown sugar, citrus, red berry, apple pie filling, hazelnut syrup
From $4.91 per lb
Honey, yellow apple, cherry, plum, mulling spice, layered chocolate
From $4.34 per lb
Meyer lemon, cane sugar, tangelo, mandarin tea, rose water
From $4.90 per lb
Clean and bright, caramelized sugars, mild citrus, pear, milk chocolate
From $4.29 per lb
Honey, pear cider, berry, tea and grape skin, dark cacao
From $4.93 per lb
Caramelized sugars, praline, apple, cocoa, bodied
From $4.24 per lb
Raw sugar, bittersweet cocoa, basil, grape skin, tartaric acidity
From $4.73 per lb
Dark brown sugar, dried fig and date, tartaric acidity, layered cocoa, clean
From $4.68 per lb
Sugar browning, roasted nut, gentle acidity, black tea hints
From $3.78 per lb
Bodied cup, dense sweetness, baking spices, malic acidity,
From $5.46 per lb
Honeydew melon, maraschino cherry, citrus, tea, grape skin
From $4.11 per lb
Coffee Cupping Notes
Brazil Carmo de Minas SWP Decaf The dry grounds have a nutty sweetness. It's a Brazil, and so we expect as much, but it actually builds convincing sweetness at City+, and with some fruited notes building as well. The wet grounds are pretty saturated with a smell of sugar-coated...
Burundi Collines Rugabano Rugabano is a fairly dense coffee, being Bourbon grown at relatively high altitude, and most noticeable in the gentle snaps of 1st crack without having to pull back on the heat. We did a City+ and Full City roast in our sample roaster, and both...
Burundi Matongo Buramiro The dry fragrance has an intoxicating mix of buttery sugar, baking spices, and tea-like florals. Spiced elements continue to bloom with the wetted coffee, and an emerging floral sugar note shows in the steam on the break. The cup is brisk, aspects...
Colombia Rioblanco de Herrera What a sweet smelling coffee, honey and creamy nougat smells all through the aroma. The dry fragrance has a floral, red honey smell to it, which shifts toward baklavah pastry when adding hot water. And the cup echoes these elements, City+ roasts...
Colombia Timana Dos Cafetales Dos Cafetales smells perfumed coming out of the grinder, a cane juice sweetness, with juicy red punch and fruit syrups. The wetted grounds are quite potent, more of the sort of tropical aspects of punch, with a strong sense of creme brûlée crust...
Colombia Timana Principales Lotes This blend was constructed with coffees showing slightly more fruit characteristics. I wouldn't categorize it as a "fruity" coffee per se, but fruited top notes and acidity play an important role in the profile. The dry grounds have a base sweetness...
Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Buna Ababa Buna Ababa carries a strong fragrance of dried apricots and baking spice, along with an array of sugar browning smells. The wet grounds exude smells of raw honey and cinnamon, sweet stone fruits, and a kaffir/floral smell wafts in the steam. City...
Guatemala Finca Candelaria Bourboncito Another great early crop Guatemala, when fresh Centrals are pretty tough to come by. The dry fragrance has honey and raw sugar smells in the ground coffee, a sweet smell of dried wildflowers too. The wet aromatics have an intensity to the sweetness...
Guatemala Turbante-Isidro Microlot The nose on this coffee is very fruited, blackberry and plum, with floral tropical fruit smells too. It's a sweet grouping of scents, more juice-like than anything. After pouring hot water, the steam from the wet crust smells floral, a hint of fresh...
Guatemala Volcan de Fuego Guacatepeque Guacatepeque is again the crowd-pleasing coffee we hope for. The dry fragrance has cinnamon spice and maltose sweetness, along with some pleasant herbal tones. The wet aromatics have honey and oats, like granola, and with heaps of brown sugar in the...
Java Gunung Wayang The dry fragrance has a chocolatey smell, especially in deeper roast levels, and mixed with a sweet scent of dried fig. The wet crust has an herbaceous quality, like sweet basil, tied up with notes of rustic sugars and cocoa - especially bittersweet...
Java Sunda - Gunung Patuha The dry fragrance has a smell of milk chocolate, slightly malted, along with a bit of almond meal. Full City roasts have a sweet pungency, like fresh red honey, giving a nice retronasal response. The wet aroma of the crust is closely tied to the cup...
Mexico Organic Chiapas Jaltenango The dry grounds show a nice range of baking spice smells, along with some raw sugar sweetness. Taking the roast toward FC builds a more pungent, molasses smell. The wetted grounds of light roasts have a mingling of toasted caramel and nut, with a...
Rwanda Karenge-Rulindo SWP Decaf Rulindo shows a surprising amount of spice in the dry fragrance, cinnamon and clove, and with a sort of sweet, wheat bread smell. Apple and pear come to mind as well, especially in the wetted grounds, and the break gives a rye bread, decaf-like note...
Tanzania Mbozi - Kanji Lalji Farm Kanji Lalji shows a dried tropical fruit and developed sugar sweetness in the fragrance, City+ roasts especially sweet. The wet aroma is focused around baked fleshy fruit smells (papaya, peach, and more) and brown sugar sweetness. Fruited notes come...