Green Coffee List

Below is the list of single-origin coffees we currently have in stock. We also wholesale bags for roasted coffee and Abid Clever Coffee Drippers.

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Cane juice, honey, tangerine, red raspberry, floral, lemon tea
From $4.26 per lb
Dark brown sugar, maple candy, apple and pear, almond fruit roll
From $4.32 per lb
Layers of chocolate, lasting bittersweetness, integrated orange to lemon acicity
From $4.90 per lb
Floral jasmine, Earl Grey, peach juice, honeyed sweetness, brilliant acidity
From $4.76 per lb
Berry, papaya, earth-toned, raw sugars, herbaceous, bodied
From $5.76 per lb
Ripe fruit, citrus accent, creamed honey, bitterswet cocoa powder, slight jasmine
From $4.49 per lb
Orange juice, panela sugar, lemonade, raspberry, grape, bright acidity
From $5.60 per lb
Honey, red raisin, Concord grape, marzipan, baking spice, cocoa bittersweetness
From $4.55 per lb
Panela sugar, yellow cherry, mulling spice, mandarine, jasmine pearl tea
From $4.30 per lb
Balanced sweet/bittersweet tones, butter pecan, golden raisin, cocoa, tea
From $4.50 per lb
Ultra sweet, citrus blossom and juice, fruit-forward, floral jasmine and sweet pea, bodied
From $4.75 per lb
Pumpkin spice aroma, brown sugar, citrus accent, cacao, rye grain
From $5.09 per lb
Honey, raw sugar, fruited accents, pulpy citrus, chocolate liqueur
From $3.91 per lb
Coffee Cupping Notes
Burundi Mutambu Station This Burundi has an invigorating smell of red raisin and spice, like raisin muffin, and with a sweet vanilla sugar scent underneath. The dry fragrance is powerful, spiced and sweet, light fruit and floral notes coming into view. The wetted crust...
Colombia TimanĂ¡ Colinas Altas The ground coffee is perfumed with fragrant sugar smells, a molasses-oriented sweetness with raisin-fruited accents. The wetted coffee has a potent smells of fresh caramel, date bars, and hints of baking spices dot the aroma. Breaking the crust...
Espresso Workshop #38 -La Campanita Ring in the New Year with our latest Workshop Espresso Blend: "La Campanita". As stated in the notes above, City+ is a great starting point for roasting this coffee, where the variance in bean density and screen size find "averaging" in the roaster...
Ethiopia Kaffa -Michiti Coop The dry fragrance has a uniquely fruited scent, with delicate sweetness, honey graham cracker and cinnamon, along with slight floral allusions. With a little more roast, there is a chocolate brownie note too, and continued baking spice notes. Adding...
Ethiopia Misraq Harar SWP Decaf There's a rustic fruit sweetness in the dry fragrance, with a decaf-like smell in there too for sure, but eclipsed by ripe berry and resin sweetness. City+ roasts have a smell of berry syrup in the wet aroma, a sorghum syrup scent as well, a sort of...
Ethiopia Organic -Tencho Cooperative Tencho is my favorite lot for drip brewing from the Limu Inara zone. The dry ground coffee has lightly caramelized sugar, and slight floral citrus reminiscent of the sweetness of satsuma mandarins. Adding hot water the aromatic profile has a...
Kenya Nyeri Kiamabara AA This lot from Kiamabara is loaded with citrus notes all throughout the cup experience, as well as across the roast spectrum. City to C+ roasts have an underlying panela sugar sweetness in the fragrance, (inciting the kind of retronasal response that...
Rwanda Kivu Kanzu This year's Kanzu has complex layers of fruited sweetness and dark caramelized sugars. The dry fragrance has light brown sugar sweetness, with apple butter and a pineapple accent at City+. Pouring hot water brings up an attractive mix of fresh...
Rwanda Rusizi Gashonga Coop Gashonga makes a solid addition to our Rwanda roster, new to use this season, and now on our radar for next year! The dry fragrance has a dry-spice blend of cinnamon and clove, adding to the complex sweetness that vacillates between unrefined sugar...
Sweet Maria's Altiplano Blend This is a great dual-purpose blend, and so we cupped it as both brewed coffee and espresso. Roasting to City+ - Full City is great for a cup of coffee, and the dry fragrance has a pungent-sugar sweetness, molasses sugars, along with roasted nut and...
Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend By standard cupping methods for brewed coffees, the profile is much "bigger" than previous years, and extracting this blend in an espresso machine produces something very intense, sweet, and complex. The dry fragrance of City roasts have citrus and...
Tanzania Iyula Group SWP Decaf The dry grounds have a malty sweetness to them, with baking spice notes that reminds me of pumpkin spice bread. Fruited notes come into focus in the wet grounds, along with a cocoa tone as well. The break is particularly sweet, showcasing a fruited/...
Tanzania Mbeya Highlands Peaberry This peaberry outturn is loaded with tea smells in lighter roast levels, City+ boasting delicate herbal infusions, and even a floral accent. There's a bread/grain note too that mixes well with a touch of baking spice, echoed in the aromatics....