Coffee Shrub

Coffee is a multi-stemmed, gangly, awkward, diminutive shrub. Coffee Shrub is dimunitive too; a micro-seller of coffee serving shops that roast. We sell green coffee in batches that equal roughly a bit less than 1/2 or 3/4 of a traditional jute bag packaged in Grain-Pro lined bags, at either 50lbs. or 100lbs. You have the convenience of thorough, descriptive reviews as a starting point for your own tasting notes and also relevant information about the farms, including images that you can use to promote the coffee. Look over our coffees and see if any of these offerings would complement your current list.

Recent Coffee Additions

Raw sugar, bittersweet cocoa, basil, grape skin, tartaric acidity
Syrupy sweet, concord grape, tartness, chocolate complexity, rustic tones
Honey, raw sugar, jasmine, citrus, black tea, body
Stewed fruits, berry, apricot, red apple, bodied, structuring acidity
Baking spice melange, brown sugar, sweet tea, grape, cacao bar


A newer micro-mill in Tarrazu, Costa Rica No, we're not having a competition for Costa Rican coffee. But for both private and cooperative mills in many of Costa Rica's growing regions, the competition for ripe cherry has become quite intense...

  The ongoing labor contract dispute between the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) and Pacific Maritime Association has severely affected West Coast ports, particularly the Port of Oakland. The port usually runs 24 hours a...

Robbie and Esther In trying to nail down their roasting approach to the Ethiopia Teklu Chele'teklu that Cup - Fine Coffee & Roasting had picked up from Shrub, they sent a couple different roasts to me in the post. I'm always grateful that a...

For some of us, blending coffee is a regular part of our production schedule. Whether blending for espresso, drip or full immersion it calls for some thought and strategy. It can be a challenge to use coffees that are available in stock, choose new...

Ripe and Ready This is the time of year where it starts to get a little tougher to find a really stellar offering from Central America. A lot of the coffees landed months ago and depending on storage conditions, could've taken quite the...

Recent comments

grabowc posted in Guatemala Antigua Estate Peaberry on 02/28/15
First coffee from Shrub that I've noticed lots of stones/pebbles in. Gotta be diligent with this one! But no points off for flavor.(view)
ceschooley posted in Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend on 02/02/15
Hey David, there is a chance that we may revisit this blend in the future, but it should be noted that the majority of the blends that we offer are not repeating blends and are the result of particular coffees that we thought would go well together. Keep your eye out though for more Ethiopia focused blends in the future.(view)
david61 posted in Sweet Maria's Ethiopiques Blend on 01/29/15
when will this blend be available again?(view)
danny posted in Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Konga on 01/16/15
Sorry for the late reply... Dry process coffees tend to be a bit more spotty because the cherries are dried whole. But there could also be some quakers in the coffee as well. The wet process aids in separating out the quakers. The "spottiness" of the DP adds to the complexity and wildness of the coffee. Thanks for your question and have a great...(view)
grabowc posted in Ethiopia Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Konga on 12/31/14
Is that because of the occasional quaker or some other cause?(view)