Coffee Shrub

Coffee is a multi-stemmed, gangly, awkward, diminutive shrub. Coffee Shrub is dimunitive too; a micro-seller of coffee serving shops that roast. We sell green coffee in batches that equal roughly a bit less than 1/2 or 3/4 of a traditional jute bag packaged in Grain-Pro lined bags, at either 50lbs. or 100lbs. You have the convenience of thorough, descriptive reviews as a starting point for your own tasting notes and also relevant information about the farms, including images that you can use to promote the coffee. Look over our coffees and see if any of these offerings would complement your current list.

Recent Coffee Additions

Sweet/bittersweet flavors, chocolate complexity, citrus zest, candied nut, creamy mouthfeel
Ultra sweet, rich chocolate, citrus brightness, florals, fruit complexity, viscous
Dark fruits, plum, grape, developed sugars, cocoa powder, thick body
Blueberry, herbal tea, sugar browning, ripe peach, lychee, high % cacao
Cherry, papaya, guava, passion fruit, dark grape, pulpy citrus, Syrah/wine-like acidity


I am one that does't typically believe everything I hear. Even if the roaster is making some crazy sounds and I think I might know what is going on, it never hurts to have someone else lend an ear. In this case, I came close to spending cash on a...

Amanda and the Fable(d) Diedrich IR7 I am endlessly curious about how people end up being coffee roasters, how they got the bug, and what kinds of journeys the craft has taken them on. The best entry into the conversation is to try some of that...

Getting started with a new (to me) roaster means I have to get down and dirty with it before I get too deep in production. It is a good idea that I get well acquainted with the rig as I ease into it. Even if you have had experience with a similar...

Sweet Talking (07/29/14)
Sipping on that Sweetness We were lucky to have Four Barrel Coffee host Shrub and a bunch of other Bay Area roasters at their training facility on Friday July 18th to talk all sweet to each other about roasting. I feel that it's important for...

by Christopher Schooley, photos by Thompson Owen and Christopher Schooley Coffee Cherry Drying on Patio at Fazenda Recreio in the Vale da Grama region Roasting Dry Processed Coffees Dry processed coffees are becoming fruitier and fruitier. This is...

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danny posted in Cleaning Out the Squirrel Cage on 08/22/14
Thanks Tim! I'm stoked it's helpful for you and your roasters. This is my time I have worked / roasted on a L12. This is all new to me, although I am more familiar with much larger machines. You should know that I am around to answer any questions or help out anyway I can with this stuff. I know you have a handle on things, but I'm available to...(view)
tim posted in Cleaning Out the Squirrel Cage on 08/22/14
I like these a lot because as after 15 years on an L-12 it has become easier to do the work than explain it. You do a great job of explaining the process which is really going to help when I ask someone to clean it instead of doing it on my own. Step 1: Read Danny's blog Thanks Danny! One thing you can do with an L-12 to save a little time (and...(view)
pjdoion posted in The Quest M3 Coffee Roaster on 08/20/14
Most electical (specifically lighting and heating ) supply stores will carry fiberglass or teflon sleeving that you can slide over your thermocouple. This way you are electrically and themally insulated. (view)
ceschooley posted in Guatemala Acatenango Gesha on 07/29/14
Hey Jimmy, this coffee is part of our Farm Gate program and is a farm that we've been working with for many years. We are not sharing many details around this farm for proprietary reasons, but is there a specific questions that you have?(view)
Jimmy.oneschuk posted in Guatemala Acatenango Gesha on 07/27/14
Just wondering if you can supply us with more farm info? (view)