Frequently asked questions about samples

FAQs about samples

How will my samples ship?
If you’re only ordering samples, they will safely ship in a small flat rate envelope. Orders under 400lbs will accommodate samples in the 50lb boxes. Orders over 400lbs ship via freight and we will pack your samples on top of the pallet beneath shrinkwrap.

How are the prices calculated for the different coffee samples?
Prices are based off of our 1lb cost and marked up to cover the cost of hand filling. We’ve been wary of offering a sample service based on our limited resources to fill these orders as well as not having the cost of doing so built into the prices of the coffees themselves. However, our green coffee list has more than doubled in size, and more choices means more need to taste for yourselves. We realize that now more than ever there’s a need for samples to help customers make sound buying decisions and we are doing our best to fill this need at a reasonable cost.

If there are samples available, does this mean the coffee will be in stock when we place our order?
Not necessarily. Samples are no longer available once a coffee’s stock has dropped below a threshold of 5 bags (500 lbs). But that said, we can’t predict when a rush of orders will come in and wipe out availability of any particular coffee. We’ll do our best to make sure our sample availability correctly reflects our current green coffee inventory.

Why aren’t samples available for all coffees on your Coffee Shrub website?
Again, if there are less than 5 bags (500 lbs) in stock we will stop sampling a coffee. We do this to keep from selling you samples for coffees that may run out of stock sooner than later.

How come I receive a follow-up survey each time I order samples?
A very brief survey will be emailed to you 10 days after a sample has been sent out. We see this as an opportunity to collect general feedback on the coffees we are offering as well as consider the individual experiences with these coffees. A great deal of work goes into carefully curating our green coffee list, and we feel that each and every lot we offer meets or exceeds a certain level of quality. Whether you decide to buy a coffee you’ve received a sample of or not, our intention is to make the Coffee Shrub experience about having an open and honest dialogue around these offerings. We want our sampling program to be as purposeful, intentional, and ultimately as useful for you as possible.

May I order samples if I'm a home roaster?
Sorry, the samples are for our wholesale customers to try coffees before committing to larger amounts. If you're a home roaster you can order from Sweet Maria's Coffee.