Bio of Aleco Chigounis

Biography of Aleco Chigounis

I started working in coffee 19 years ago at my father's roasting company in Philadelphia, PA. It was summers only and I did everything from pack coffee to deliver routes and work the service bench to tar the roof. I began cupping coffee with my father, although his two business partners primarily, shortly after. I remember tasting a washed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for the first time and reeling from the table stunned by its floral nature and sweet, sweet flavor profile. If there was one moment that I could point to as far as my interest in pursuing coffee as a career, it would have to be that one. A month after receiving my International Relations degree from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, I was on a plane to Costa Rica for what was supposed to be a 3-6 month stint working on a coffee farm in San Isidro de Alajuela. Four years later, and with a healthy dose of experience between the field, labs and offices, working between the Neumann Gruppe and the Coffee Source, I made my way to the West Coast of the US. After working for a year under Ric Rhinehart as Director of Coffee for Groundwork Coffee in L.A., I spent 5 years as the Head Coffee Buyer for Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, OR. I've been spent the last decade+ either living at, or traveling extensively to, origin not only seeking out great coffees but helping to influence farmers to produce to the best of their ability. My experience lies somewhere between the washing station, the cupping table, and the trading desk. I look forward to helping the team here continue to source beautiful coffees and improve on them while we do so.