Tanzania Mbozi - Kanji Lalji Farm

Tanzania Mbozi - Kanji Lalji Farm

Farm Description

Kanji Lalji is a larger estate farm owned by the family of the same name, located near Vwawa town in the Igamba district. While our other Tanzania coffees come from smallholders that form cooperative groups, Kanji Lalji is in a different position. The farm has an experienced agronomist, Eliot Swila, who oversees their unique grafting method to bind the variety called Nylon locally (N39a, a Bourbon type) to drought-resistant Mbozi Compact roots. It's not high-tech in any way, but its beyond the means of the small-holder farmer. And in fact Kanji Lalji does this in a test plot for the government that will ultimately be shared with all farmers if it proves viable to face the seasonal lack of water in the area. All of that is a bit of a fascinating footnote: the lots we selected from Kanji Lalji are from their oldest trees, which are the original Mbozi Mission Bourbon variety. The farm has been managed for decades by Willy, a real character; a 79 year old Swiss expat, sparing with words but clearly a man with a depth of coffee farming experience that shows in everything he does at Kanji Lalji farm. (Oh, and that's his dog "Kipsy" on our 2015 calendar cover!)

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Kanji Lalji shows a dried tropical fruit and developed sugar sweetness in the fragrance, City+ roasts especially sweet. The wet aroma is focused around baked fleshy fruit smells (papaya, peach, and more) and brown sugar sweetness. Fruited notes come through in the brewed coffee too, an up front impression when hot, but most distinct as the cup cools. City+ roasts show a mixture of honeydew melon and fresh papaya, maraschino cherry, and a citrus bite. Sweetness is most developed from City+ to Full City, at times coming off as burned sugar, and as you work through the cup shows elements of sweet brown bread. There's a mouthfeel and flavor of black tea and grape skins, and the middle roast ranges really build juicy body. This AA outturn from Kanji Lalji Estate makes a lasting impression of sweetness and body, and contemplative top notes add a touch of complexity.



Lot Size

30 x 46 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City for the most complexity; Full City+ works, more chocolate roast tones, muted fruit and acidity


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

AA; .4 d/300gr, 17 - 19 screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Grafting "Nylon" (N39a bourbon type) to drought-resistent roots

Another calendar girl, Kanji Lalji Farm

Flowerig shrub on the farm

If I had to guess, I'd swear this were made in Italy - Kanji Lalji Farm


#1 Tanzania SWP Decaf

Very interested in when/if this coffee will be available again.

#2 Tanzania back in stock

Hi there, You posted this in a regular coffee record, but looks like maybe you're inquiring about decaf? We won't have Kanji Lalji this year, but did just add another Tanzania from the Mbeya highlands, Sungura Peaberry. You can check out Sungura HERE.

Feel free to email directly if you have more questions too. info@coffeeshrub.com


#3 Tanzania decaf

Hey, Dan ,
Thanks for responding. Yes, I'm looking for a Tanzania SWP decaf.
I'd be thrilled to find one! I grew up there and favor the coffee from Mbeya/Mbozi area.
When/if you get it back in stock I'll order for sure.

Debra (Mwimbula)

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