Sweet Maria's El Papuma SWP Decaf Blend

Sweet Maria's El Papuma SWP Decaf Blend

Farm Description

There is no place called El Papuma. I made it up. It's a combined form of El Salvador, Papua New Guinea and Panama, the three coffees that make up the El Papuma blend Swiss Water Decaf. While you cannot know for sure how a decaf will turn out, I had a pretty strong feeling that these would be ideal, and result in a sweet, syrupy, moderately bright coffee. After all, if you send really good coffees for decaffeination, there's a fine chance you will get a great result like this. A few years back there were importers and brokers who sent good coffees for decaf, when the market was low. But the added cost of the decaf toll charge on top of record prices has made the big guys shy to do this. Most decafs sold in the trade are nothing we would consider buying as a non-decaf for our offer sheet. Do decaf drinkers deserve worse quality than the rest? That's why we have started sending our own coffees whenever possible, ones we have proudly offered on our site. This is the first time we have sent a blend though. I would say we opted for a blend, but the idea sprang from necessity; we didn't have enough bags of one coffee to send to Swiss Water to meet the minimum for a decaf batch. We looked for a mix of coffees that would work really well as a regular (non-decaf) blend, and selected based on that. Papua New Guinea from the famous Sigri plantation, El Salvador Finca La Florida, and Panama Finca Camiseta form the makeup for El Papuma.

Cupping Notes

The coffee grounds have an interesting sweet-savory scent, with slight plum fruit, Brazil nut, and molasses accents. Adding hot water, the coffee aroma is emphatically molasses like, or dark brown sugar in the lighter roasts, and apple and baked peach as well. Darker roasts have a tarry sweetness in the aroma, the smell of burnt sugar and still quite fruited as well. The cup has a clear sweetness from light to dark roast levels. Apple and melon fruit hints come through in the lighter roast, with a dark cherry note at Full City. I notice that the sweetness and brightness give this coffee a palate-refreshing effect. The cup has a rather bracing brightness at the lightest roasts (City) but more integrated high notes at City+. The mouthfeel has a syrupy quality but the body is not super thick. When the roast is really fresh, it can taste a bit papery, so I recommend 24-48 hours rest after roasting. I really like this coffee as decaf espresso. It might be on the bright side for some (my roasts were in the FC range, no second crack. Darker levels would tone down the high notes a bit). It is very sweet, even if it is a bit tricky to dial in the grind.



Lot Size

62 60KG bags

Roast Recommendations

Takes a wide range of roast, from City to FC+. As with all decafs, color is difficult to judge during the roast.


Wet Process


Bourbon     Typica    

Grade & Appearance

.2 defects per 300 grams, 17-19 Screen


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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Moonrise over El Papuma, a place which does not actually exist

Coffee like this can be decaffeinated. It can and should be good, too.


#1 Love this sweet, moist decaf!

I roast this coffee a bit slow and apply low heat to it, dropping it at about a full city roast. My customers and myself both agree, it is outstanding! I sold out of 30 lbs within 2 weeks of having it (almost all of that 1lb at a time) which I think says a ton about this coffee. I have a few customers that blend it into a half caf and love it as that as well!

As an espresso its quite good as well, not the best decaf espresso I have had but this is better than many!

Would recommend to anyone!

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