Sumatra Lintong - Opung BR

Sumatra Lintong - Opung BR

Farm Description

Opung BR is a coffee collector in the Lintong Nihota area. A collector is a middle-person in the coffee trade in Sumatra, and instrumental in the quality of the coffee that results from the supply chain. Aside from cooperative coffees and a few large farms, all the coffee in Indonesia passes through the hands of collectors, who provide ready cash to the small farmers who want immediate payment on a weekly basis. In other words, you can't work directly with the small farmers in Sumatra, nor do they want to work direct with a buyer because they are looking for ready cash. The collectors provide this function and because of the competition among collectors, the price paid to farmers remains high, even when the global market dips. It's all about local relationships, and Opung BR is one of the most respected and oldest collectors in the area. She has access to great farmers who sell direct to her, rather than taking their wet parchment coffee to the local markets. I have visited her mill a couple times and seen how she attentively separates the quality of parchment coffee, something that does not happen at big mills and coops. Opung means grandmother. BR is the names of her oldest son, as is the tradition among the Batak people of Lintong. So the grandmother is always referred to by the name of their son.

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Cupping Notes

The "typical" Lintong qualities found in the cup of Opung BR are matched by a defined sweetness as well as a silky smooth mouthfeel that adds to the longevity of this coffee's pleasant finish. That's not to say that the herbal notes are not welcome here - rather, that this coffee cups with a sweetness and cleanliness that is unlike many Sumatra's from this area. The dry fragrance is has aromatic wood, brown sugar, molasses, and banana. Adding hot water brings up chocolate ala Hershey's syrup, and raisin, along with dry herbs like parsley, basil, and even a touch of Ricola. The earthiness that is found in the aromatics is also present in the cup, but again, with a cleanliness and freshness that is nothing short of sweet. City+ roasts have developed sugars like toffee, lite molasses, and caramel, along with chocolate covered raisin. Darker roasts have a smoky chocolate taste that I liken to the flavor of mole - dark, spiced choc, and chipotle pepper. The finish is very long, and with a heavy dose of dark cacao that heads toward Chai tea. The profile of many Sumatran coffees are such that they command a dark roast to mute notes that are unclean. Not the case for this coffee, where City+ to Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Full City+ is a great range of roast. Dark roasts will make a very interesting single origin espresso as well.



Lot Size

50 60KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+ for espresso




Ateng     Bergendal    

Grade & Appearance

.4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

The one and only Opung BR

Drying coffee at the BR warehouse

Good parchment coffee ready for wet hulling

Coffee that has just been wet hulled at Opung BR warehouse

Hugo the dog, my favorite! at Opung BR

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