Rwanda Kivu Kanzu

Rwanda Kivu Kanzu

Farm Description

Kanzu is a washing station in the southwest of Rwanda near Lake Kivu, one of the most amazing growing regions in Rwanda. This is one exampe where the beauty of the area seems to correlate to the beauty of the coffee itself. Kanzu is tucked away in a valley surrounded by mountain peaks of the Nyamasheke region. The washing station changed ownership two years ago and we have seen consistent improvement in the way they are working here. It shows in the projects they initiated with farmers to improve the small-holder farms, as well as in the process method itself. Coffee cherry is brought down to this station from hundreds of small farmers situated above the valley floor. Depulping of the coffee cherry is achieved using the same disc type machines found in Kenya. The coffee is then fermented for nearly 24 hours and washed in long channels. After soaking, the parchment coffee is laid out to dry on raised beds, which facilitate airflow and ultimately allows for moisture to dissipate efficiently. Much of this coffee is grown at 2000 meters, which works well for the near-sole planting of Bourbon.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

This year's lot of Kanzu is more fruited than last, and with an elevated sweetness both aromatically and in cup profile. The dry fragrance of light roasts have a nice scent of cherry juice, light brown sugar, and apple butter with cinnamon and all-spice. Dark roasts have a sweet cocoa powder smell along with toasted caramels. Pouring hot water brings up an amazing mix of fresh caramel and dark fruits, like plum and raisin. Breaking the crust reveals a sweet smell of praline nut and vanilla bean. The cup is juicy, flat out. Flavors of sweet citrus and developed sugars are propped up by 'hefty' body. At City+ there's a rich caramel flavor as well as panella sugar, with an ever so slight floral nut in the cooled cup. Pulpy citrus flavors emerge as well, which is balanced out with a clean, malic acidity. Full City roasts produce more of a layered chocolate profile, along with apple and pear. The finish is sweet like brown sugar, and has a density that is like red honey. This coffee maintains its structure at darker roast levels, but is best outside of 2nd crack, with the oils just below the surface. Kanzu is such a sweet cup of coffee, and "complete" in terms of aromatics, sweetness, acidity, and mouthfeel. Kanzu is also a great candidate for single origin espresso.



Lot Size

38 x 60 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

Very versatile across the range from City to Full City levels. Best to avoid 2nd crack.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

A1;.4 d/300gr, 15+ screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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Something not often, but they use a wine-like foot-stompin process to agitate coffee in fermentation.

Lot control of coffees on the raised beds

A traditional Kenya-type 3 disc pulper at Kanzu

Bourbon varietals are grown in the area, with clumping fruit form


#1 First roast last week: tons

First roast last week: tons of brown sugar, vanilla, green grape/Granny Smith, and even a tropical, floral finish in some cups. It's so nice. I'm making samples right now and will get them in the mail this week. For real this time! (You know how it is. Scary.)

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