Honduras Beneficio San Vicente

Honduras Beneficio San Vicente

Farm Description

This coffee is from the mill (beneficio) called San Vicente in the town of Pena Blanca, Santa Barbara district, West Honduras. This is from a variety of smallholder farms that the mill buys coffee parchment from, but are too small to separate as lots. The farmers who supply coffee represent the coffee growing areas of Cielito, Las See our Flores Coffee Offerings for more information.">Flores, and El Cedral. These areas have been producing some amazing coffees in the past, super sweet, with fruit-forward cup character.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

There are some sweet rose and melon notes in the dry aromatics with hints of guava and orange peel. The darker roasts show more cocoa, but still with the guava underscore. The wet aroma has coriander sweet spice, grape juice, and caramel biscuit while the biscuit is more molasses cookie at FC and Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">FC+. It's very nice, a round and sound cup! This isn't the brassy, tightly wound acidity found in many coffees from Honduras that have more lime and tamarind notes. Light roasts have the best tropical fruit sweetness which is subtle at first but then intensifies with guava, strawberry, hints of passion fruit, and orange marmalade. At Full City a tangy roast bittersweet overlays the fruit, providing a rindy and brisk accent to the cup, finishing with orange spirit bitters and coriander seed. The roast taste is caramelly, pairing well to the viscous body. The sweetness lasts on the palate throughout the long aftertaste. So nice at such a wide range of roasts, and not a tricky coffee to roast at all.



Lot Size

92 69Kg Bags

Roast Recommendations

It's hard to pick a favorite roast here; they are all so good. City+ has a softer sweetness and more lively fruit. Full City has this great bittersweet balance, and rindy sweet finish


Wet Process


Catuai     Caturra     Pache    

Grade & Appearance

.2 defects per 300 gram, 17-18 Screen


Shipped in GrainPro, vacuum packed at our warehouse
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Consumo! Cafe de Honduras

New leaves on Caturra in Santa Barbara

New crop coffee flowers; candelas.

Vermiculture Honduras style.

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