Ethiopia Dry Process Wollega Leka Wato

Ethiopia Dry Process Wollega Leka Wato

Farm Description

What's in a name? This coffee would typically be sold as "Lekempti", a trade name in coffee to designate Western Ethiopian coffees traded through the city of Nekempte, while the coffee actually originates further west in East Wollega, also called Misraq Wellega, which is the Gimbi woreda (state). But don't confuse that with the trade name Ghimbi, which is only for dry-process coffees from the same area. In all that name changing, coffees were also made generic, sold and re-sold by traders, and eventually ended up with the Addis exporters under some name or other. Coffees from this area were considered Yirga Cheffe wanna-bes, and were not given much heed. But as some avenues for more direct purchasing have grown (and others have simultaneously diminished), new coffee sources are emerging. This is the first time we have offered a dry-process coffee from this area once branded Lekempti, except this was a lot that bypassed the trading system. Leka Wato is the name of the farm in Wato town, Leka Delecha district of East Wellega area, west of Gimbi town. The farm is at about 1750 meters, and occupies about 100 hectares.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

The ground coffee of City+ roasts have a mix of dry berry and cocoa tones, a fruited and bittersweet dry fragrance which carries over into the wet aroma. The wet crust is loaded with smells of fruit jam, dark berry and plum, with an underlying caramel-like sweetness. Full City roasts include a shade of dark cocoa, with complex developed sugar smells, and spice accents on the break. The sweetness found in the cup is remarkable: brown sugar and caramel in light roasts, moving toward pectin-like fruit flavors at Full City. The co-presence of sugary-sweetness and fruit tones works well in the coffee, layers of raw sugars and tart berry are counterbalancing in City roasts, heading toward fruit jam sweetness with a touch more roast development (blackberry, raspberry, and grape to name a few). There's brightness to be found too, a bit like pulpy, fresh squeezed citrus in lighter roasts, and berry juice with more roast development. City+ to FC in my opinion is where the sweet spot really lies, heavy caramel flavors and cocoa bittersweetness building intensity, and pushing fruited characteristics out front. The coffee finishes with a toasted bittersweet caramel flavor that reminds me a bit of "Coffee Nib" candies.



Lot Size

50 x 60kg Bags

Roast Recommendations

City produces a tartness in the cup, and City+ is where we found the sweet spot; this coffee will do well at Full City too, but I'd personally steer clear of 2nd snaps


Dry Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Grade 3; .6 d per 300g/ 15+ Screen


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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Sorting through drying whole cherry on beds

Forest coffee flowering in Ethiopia

Coffee resting inside a storage "warehouse", Western Ethiopia


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