Ethiopia Dry Process Limu -Nigusie Lemma

Ethiopia Dry Process Limu -Nigusie Lemma

Farm Description

Nigusie Lemma is a coffee farmer in the Mitto Gunim area of Limu Kossa woreda (district) northwest of Jimma. We had found this coffee through the DST direct trade auction set up by the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange last year, and those early lots were really fantastic. This is a later arrival of the same harvest crop of coffee. I think it cups outstanding. For this year, Nigusie Lemma was our absolute favorite natural (dry-process) coffee, and considering its late arrival in the season, the cup is quite remarkable. The preparation is really good for a dry-process Ethiopia coffee. The bane of natural coffees is the under-ripe, green coffee cherry that makes it onto the drying tables. Without the separations for unripe fruit that occur in wet-process systems, poor selection in harvest of ripe coffee mixed with unripe will ruin the cup quality. Unripe coffee is chemically inadequate to have browning reactions (Maillard reactions) during the roast, so they remain tan in color no matter how long they are roasted. We call them quakers, for some reason. With Nigusie Lemma, there was a lot better selection of ripe cherry in picking, and pre-sorting to remove under-ripes. There are a few quakers in the cup, but the percentage is extremely low.

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Cupping Notes

Aromatically, Nigusie Lemma is very complex. The dry fragrance explodes with fruit ...fill-the-room kind of fruit aromatics. Peach and plum are the dominant fruit notes, with mango as well. It's flamboyantly sweet, a heady, slightly winey and somewhat rustic sweetness, raw brown sugar, and even a suggestion of beef broth. The break is very sweet, fruited with plum and dry berry, as well as anise, toasted coconut and cocoa powder roast tones. City+ roast is my favorite: The cup is peaches, right off the bat, canned peaches in syrup. After a small temperature drop, other fruits emerge. Again, mango along with dried apricot. In a slightly darker roast I had berry, but more like a blueberry toaster waffle, well done. The mouthfeel is thin on the initial slurp, but as it passes off the palate it thickens, with a waxy slickness, an almond oil quality. The finish has Brazil nut, and the fruits turn toward a tropical fruit salad mix; pineapple, peach, guava, lychee, banana. You will find a few like quakers in each roast - remove them for a more refined cup. (It's also interesting to taste them separately, to see the odd flavors they possess, often peanut-like and slightly astringent.)



Lot Size

140 60K Bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City or Full City+. It's a great cup at most any roast.


Dry Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

.6 defects per 300 grams, 17-18 Screen


Shipped in jute, packed in GrainPro at our warehouse
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Nigusie Lemma is from a forest coffee area with heavy shade

New leaves on the plants

Dried coffee cherry pods on the beds

Another view of drying beds

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