Ethiopia Dry Process Jimma -Nigusie Lemma

Ethiopia Dry Process Jimma -Nigusie Lemma

Farm Description

Nigusie Lemma is a coffee producer group in the Mitto Gunim area of Limmu Kossa woreda (district) northwest of Jimma, and it is the first lot we secured through the Ethiopia Direct Specialty Trade (DST) Auction. DST is a way for smaller lots of high quality to bypass the Coffee Exchange (ECX) where all lots are made anonymous. With the DST we know where the coffee came from and who grew it. Given the importance of direct trade between coffee buyer and the grower, and the general trend of quality-conscious roasters to want a first-person relationship with their coffee sources, the ECX seems like a step backward, toward coffee as mass commodity. But in providing the DST bypass, as well as (hopefully) new mechanisms in the coming year for small buyers to deal directly with growers, coops and private groups, they have shown sensitivity to the needs of businesses like ours. It was important for us to participate, and show our support for the DST. And we were happy to find a few lots of quality. The Nigusie Lemma was our absolute favorite natural (dry-process) coffee, and I am so happy that after untold shipping delays it arrived and cups fantastic! The preparation is outstanding, the cup ... well, look at the numbers.

Cupping Notes

Aromatically, Nigusie Lemma has it "all going on", as the kids say, or used to say. The dry fragrance is exploding with fruit ...fill-the-room kind of fruit aromatics. Peach and plum are the dominant fruit notes, with mango as well. It's flamboyantly sweet, a heady, slightly winey and somewhat rustic sweetness, raw brown sugar, and even a suggestion of beef broth. The break is very sweet, fruited with plum and dry berry, as well as toasted coconut and cocoa powder roast tones. The cup is peaches, right off the bat, canned peaches in syrup. After a small temperature drop, other fruits emerge. Again, mango along with dried apricot. In a slightly darker roast I had berry, but more like a blueberry toaster waffle, well done. The mouthfeel is thin on the initial slurp, but as it passes off the palate it thickens, with a waxy slickness, an almond oil quality. The finish has Brazil nut, and the fruits turn toward a tropical fruit salad mix; pineapple, peach, guava, lychee, banana.



Lot Size

112 60 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+ this lot works at a wide range of roast levels.


Dry Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

.4 d/300gr, 17-18 Screen


Shipped in jute, packed in GrainPro at our warehouse
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Hand-sorting dry process "pods" to remove immatures

Screens used to transport coffee from the drying beds

Dry-process coffee on African beds

Kids with cassette player door as a swim mask!


#1 SOE

How does this one do as an SOE. Sounds like this one is even more of a fruit bomb than the Eth. DP Grade 3 that was in a few weeks ago.

#2 Nice

Day one in the clever tasted like lemon cookie. Day two I got lots of Peach and Apricot flavors in the chemex. It seems to be getting a nice syrupy texture on day two as well. I am going to try it at the shop today as an SOE. I keeping thinking cookies as a way to describe the flavor.

#3 Outstanding

Yes, lemon cookie came to my mind as well, without reading your post. Lemon wafer cookie, kind of a lemon creamsicle. I get a lot of the fruited tones of peach, apricot and the banana seems to tag along with the lemon at times for a lemon banana bar type flavor.

Also notice that for a dry process it has less chaff than usual. This coffee also starts first crack a little later than most, and also finishes first crack later than most as well. This coffee is finishing first crack at times/temps that usually start second crack for other coffees.

#4 Nigusie Lemma

Diablo - how much are you roasting at one time? What is the end of 1c time? IS it closer to 425ish? What is your finsh temp in relation to this late end of 1c time??? Don't want to roast too long waiting on the end 1c to be complete...? Please follow up with soome details!

#5 Times

End of first + a few seconds is when I dump beans, around 13:40 at 420*f. Everything is pretty normal other than a late start and end of the cracks. I got this same type of behavior from the Grade 3 Yirg I got from the shrub as well. I think it's part of a better preparation with the vac packing.

#6 JImma - Nigusie Times

Diablo/Christopher - so on the times: fast ramp up to 1c and then back off the heat to slow some in order to get through 1c??? How fast are you getting to 1c? My roast times last night were around 14min. Seems long though. 8hrs off the roast and it is pretty flat. Nice acidity but not much else. 1c had not finished even up to my dump time at 420 although it had slowed greatly. I was not wanting to get too close to 2c.

#7 It's important to note that

It's important to note that many thermocouples do NOT read the same so your numbers might not match up. I would echo what some have said here, push the roast into a strong 1c and wait for a rolling crack before backing off. Naturals can def. have a staggered 1c because of the variation of density of the beans, and that crack will def. stretch out too long if you pull back too soon. Don't back off too soon, get the crack rolling, but don't let it get away from you and run straight into second.
lachris, what are you roasting on? That could be helpful in getting details to you.

#8 Important note

Hi Chris - I'm still roasting on a YM2. I have a US Roaster corp 5kilo coming later this month. I've only roasted 3lb batch. Any other help would be great!

#9 Hey LaChris, I like to say

Hey LaChris, I like to say that how it is written out, it sounds very classy. I would try doing a 2 or 2.5 lb batch on the YM2, I have always had better luck roasting batches that size on that roaster. I would also try to shoot for a total roast time around 12 minutes, ending around 408 or so. Look at these numbers and you should be able to get a more vibrant cup.

#10 Roast time

I had trouble getting to the end of 1c at that temp range. I should drop the temp more prior to 1c and slow 1c until it is finished at just after 1c...should charge temp be pretty high for this bean?? Actually at 2 to 2.5 lb batch I should lower the charge temp...not sure how low.

#11 I think that the charge temp

I think that the charge temp with a 2 or 2.5 lb batch could be around 250 with the gas low, that roaster can turn around really quickly once you open up the gas. If the 408 is a little low and you're just finishing up 1c at that point, then I would go a little longer, 412 maybe. Like I said, thermocouples can read fairly differently from machine to machine. The main goal is finishing up in the 12 min range.

#12 roasting NL limu on USR 5kg

gents...first, lachris, i know this is 2 years ago, am curious about others' roasting experiences with this coffee and my roaster, a 5kg USR, but 6 years old...have seen the new model and it's pretty cherry. We've made physical mods to ours which now mimic what Dan & Co. have implemented (we have been telling him shit for YEARS). I've been roasting Lemma naturals for years and bullet points Chris mentions here have always been pretty spot on. Today an 8 lb charge @ 325, rolling 1st @ 12:15 and 372 degrees, drop right on 16:00 at 398. Lots of vanilla, lemon rind, chocolate and mixed fruit Starburst.
yes, 2012 late October, have had the coffee about months, still spankin awesome.

#13 USR 5k

None left since I took delivery of my 5 two years ago. This was one of my favorite coffees of all time. I only wish I could have bought more. What mods have you made?

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