Ethiopia Aleta Wondo - Haraicho Station

Ethiopia Aleta Wondo - Haraicho Station

Farm Description

This coffee is from the Aleta Wondo woreda (a county, essentially) in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia. This wet-processed lot comes from one washing station called Haraicho, which I visited earlier this year. We hadn't planned on purchasing coffee from this area but when I cupped it in the capital of Addis a few days prior, we bought it on the spot, and made plans to visit the producer, L. Lamiso. Aleta Wondo town is not very remote, a short ways off the main road through Sidama and Yirga Cheffe as you head south. Honestly, I never liked the town much, but maybe that's because I got stomach sickness after eating a lunch there a few years back. The area is beautiful, and the altitudes these coffees come from is outstanding; mostly 2000+ meters. The coffee is fermented in the traditional Sidama way, under water for a very long time, often 72 hours depending on ambient temperatures. It is then washed through channels, soaked in clean water, and dried on raised beds. We picked this coffee up with Sweet Maria's in mind, but the landed coffee was too nice not to list at least SOME of it on Shrub too. So 4400 LBS it is - enjoy!

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Cupping Notes

Aleta Wondo has a fragrance of honey-graham cracker and jasmine tea floral notes, with a bit of cardamom coming up from the ground coffee. The wet aroma is complex too, with more jasmine florals, and ripe fruits There's an alluring base of butterscotch sweetness mixed with vanilla bean. The break is very floral and brings an Earl Grey note with it. The cup is extremely clean in taste, pleasantly light-bodied, and with subtle complexity that builds as the coffee cools. Tea and floral flavors are apparent, as with bergamot in Earl Grey, and fresh peach blossom in light City/City+ roasts. This coffee has so much floral and citrus in these light levels, the latter presenting itself as kumquat, Mandarin orange, pink grapefruit, pomello - this changes with subtle roast differences. The bright acidic snap in the cup lends to the mouth-refreshing effect. The finish is sweet, honeyed, and with light-yet-pleasing mouthfeel. This coffee is best up before Full City (maybe even just lighter), but I'd steer clear of anywhere North of there. Aleta Wondo is a coffee that when taken too far will compromise much of the profile described.



Lot Size

44 x 46 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

City to City+ is ideal for a complex and bright cup (and the roasts we used for this review); I wouldn't stray too far beyond this level.


Wet Process


Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Grade 1; .2 d/300gr, 15+ Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Farmers at the Haraicho station, from my last visit

Older heirloom varieties in the area

Traditional Sidama basket house at the station

Overview of the Haraicho station

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