Espresso Workshop #39 -Key of "A"

Espresso Workshop #39 -Key of "A"

Farm Description

We currently have a decaf Workshop blend called "Africa Wazungu", an all African decaf blend that showcases the depth of sweetness and articulate acidity offered by the ingredients from which it's made. It's been a real hit, and seeing that we have a healthy supply of impressive coffees from several parts of Africa right now, we made up a "regular" caffeinated counterpart to Wazunga, which we're calling "Key of A" - "A" for Africa. Makes sense, right? The other option was "High Note", which this blend has more than it's fair share of, but we'll leave the descriptor for the review. This is a four-part blend, involving all washed coffees from Burundi, Ethiopia, Congo, and a dash of a Kenya AA to heighten the citric brightness. The resulting blend carries a hefty and complex sweetness, of a slightly rustic nature, which is afforded by the Congo ingredient. Not too rustic, but adding to the overall layered sweetness. All four coffees have wonderful acidity on their own, and together, bring a citric 'zing' that hits you like lemon juice. "Intense" accurately describes City to City+ roasts, and at Full City, this citric high is slightly toned down. The bean screen size range is from about 15 to 19 screen, not unlike many of the 15+ screen coffees we buy, and this mix of washed coffees finds roast averaging not long after the yellowing stage. We really enjoyed the complexity of light-to-middle roasts, and perhaps prefer the sweet fruit, cocoa tones, and moderate acidity found between City+ and Full City roast levels.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

#39 Key of "A" presents another opportunity for a dual-use blend, one that shows well as both brewed coffee and espresso, especially in the middle roasts. From aroma to cup, City+ and Full City roasts showcase caramel-to-palm sugar sweetness, and both dried and ripe fruited highlights. The dry fragrance has a candied citrus scent along with a smell of butter brickle ice cream. When pouring hot water, you're greeted with an aroma like oatmeal cookie dough: brown sugar and butter, raisin, and oat-like accent notes. Breaking the crust gives more of the citrus impressions sensed in the dry fragrance. A rustic sugar sweetness underscores the cup, like brown rice syrup or palm sugar, most definitely an expression of the Congo coffee component. A citric brightness lights up the cup like lemon juice, adding a tanginess, as well as a mouth-cleansing affect in the finish. Full City cups cool to tones of dark berry and muscat grape, a pipe tobacco accent note in the aftertaste. As espresso, I prefer a Full City roast, where brooding chocolate flavors dominate the shot, along with an overt citrus jolt. Body is thick, but not quite as dense as the cacao bittersweetness, slightly rustic in nature. The middle is rounded out by tart dried goji berry and cranberry accents, with lemon-to-grapefruit citrus flavor and acidity tying it all together in a way only African coffees can accomplish.



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

For brewed coffee City-City+ will make the brightest cups, while closer to FC builds out sweet fruit and dark cocoa tones, still retaining a lemon-like brightness. Espresso will work well in FC-FC+ range.


Wet Process


Bourbon     Heirloom Varietals    

Grade & Appearance

Top Grades; .6 d/300gr, 15 - 19 screen


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