Espresso Workshop #38 -La Campanita

Espresso Workshop #38 -La Campanita

Farm Description

La Campanita simply means "Little Bell", which we thought an appropriate name given the small amount of Kenya coffee in comparison to the rest of this blend's ingredients. But a small amount of Kenyan coffees goes a long way, ringing out in the cup, clearly heard even when outnumbered. The majority of this Workshop blend is made up of Burundi and Nicaraguan coffees. We like this particular Burundi because of the balance shown in the cup, such a syrupy sweetness due in part to the Bourbon cultivar. The Full City roasts we tried of this coffee alone proved to hold enough dark chocolate and syrupy sweetness to satisfy those looking for espresso "classic" in character. We decided to add a slightly smaller quantity of Nicaragua to this base to capitalize on bittersweetness, as well as add just a hint of roasted nut to the equation. With 3 parts Burundi and 2 parts Nicaragua, our base is ready for a splash of brightness, just enough to add structure to the cup for those using this as brewed coffee, and a resonant 'zing' when run through the espresso machine. So we've added 15% of a Kenya AA to the mix, one that shows more moderate acidity than others from the region. This is our little bell, "La Campanita". There is a density difference between these three beans no doubt about it, and I recommend roasting to at least City+ where these coffees average out in roast level. For espresso, Full City is a great starting point and we enjoyed a roast with the beginnings of 2nd snaps too.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Ring in the New Year with our latest Workshop Espresso Blend: "La Campanita". As stated in the notes above, City+ is a great starting point for roasting this coffee, where the variance in bean density and screen size find "averaging" in the roaster. I brewed a few cups at this roast level and had great results, a well-developed burned sugar sweetness, subtle fruit and roast tones, and a vibrant acidity while still at a moderate level. But in my opinion, this blend is made for espresso. Full City roasts are brimming with a high % dark chocolate flavor in the shot, very light fruited suggestions in the middle, with cinnamon stick aromatics sensed in the finish as you exhale. There's brightness too, like lemon, a tartness that's balanced by a striking level of sweetness. The level of acidity in the shot is easily managed too by grind adjustment and extraction. We pulled two 30 second shots, adjusting for slightly different particulate sizes for "ristretto" (short) and "lungo" (long) shots, and experienced quite a range of acidity. Our ristretto shot yielded just about 1 oz., with intense cacao bittersweetness, but perhaps more intense was the level of citric acidity. I enjoy this type of espresso, but those looking to produce a more "classic" and balanced shot, try for yielding 2+ oz. in a 30ish second pull. The latter parameters prude an acidity level much more in balance with the rest of the cup flavors, not "showy" or overpowering. Roasting to Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Full City+ also subdues the citric aspect without taking it away altogether. A 30 second, 1.5 oz. shot at this level is so viscous, with complex layers of chocolate/cacao roast tones, and a tart, but well-integrated orange flavor. A versatile blend, with bold bittersweetness and moderate-yet-vibrant 'tang', I expect this Workshop to have wide appeal.



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

Cups clean at City+, but espresso is incredible at Full City and beyond. If you're looking for milder acidity but prefer ristretto, FC+ is your start point


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

Tops; 15+ screen


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Our "Little Bell"


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