Espresso Workshop #34 - Ewe Tu

Espresso Workshop #34 - Ewe Tu

Farm Description

This is our first Workshop blend of 2015, which happens to be the year of the Sheep according the Chinese Zodiac. So Workshop #34 "Ewe Tu", is our "happy 2015" to you ("tu"). Am I reaching? Well, I like the name, so I'm sticking with it. We've sort of tailored the last few Workshop blends to fit the bill as "double-duty", that is, both brew and espresso methods. But we only have espresso in mind with #34, and in particular, an espresso blend that a little less "Classic" than some of our more recent offerings. We started the Workshop blends as a way of featuring a blend on our list that is less-based on achieving a sort of formulaic balance found in typical Brazil+Central+Africa mix, and more about showcasing unique, fresh coffees currently in season. #34 falls into this latter category, and is made up of washed Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea coffees. The two Ethiopian coffees used provide a nice brightness to the shot, propping up syrupy chocolate flavors, and earthy sugar sweetness.

Cupping Notes

We found this coffee's sweet spot to be right around Full City roast level. This level of development brings out matched chocolate sweetness and tart acidity, without muting some of the tropical aspects brought on by these coffees (especially the PNG). The aroma is complex, and has an intoxicating mix of raspberry and cacao nibs, along with cooked fruit smells and candied citrus peel. An initial sip of an espresso puts a tartness on the tip of your tongue that continues to linger through flavors of chocolate syrup and hints of concord grape. It's a bright espresso, and reminds me of the puckering side of ripe cranberry (without overpowering the profile). Even nearing 2nd snaps, this espresso is vibrant, with acidity that stands up tall against syrupy sweetness, rich chocolate roast tones, and some herbal top notes. All three coffees are bodied on their own, and results in a "chewy" shot of espresso. Makes for an excellent double ristretto shot, distilling complex chocolate flavors, some rustic in nature (a sort of earthy-chocolate bar flavor). This is a nice option for milk drinks too - cappuccino, or even a latte - adding milk will tame the beast, but satisfy those that expect the taste of sweet coffee with their cream.



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

Full City to Full City+ works great for espresso; we thought Full City to be the sweet spot.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

15+ Screen


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