Espresso Workshop #32 - MLA

Espresso Workshop #32 - MLA

Farm Description

"MLA" - we're not referring to writing stye guides or citation formatting. We're of course, referencing Oakland hero, Raider jersey #32, Marcus LaMar Allen (as I'm sure you guessed). This guy could run for sure, but he was graced with hands like glue, and for a running back even had some passing game! A diverse sports player for sure, we wanted to create a blend that's equally matched in several applications. Maybe you like your espresso a little on the brighter side, and maybe you don't. Maybe you drink espresso and pour over and want both from one coffee. Well, this is the one you have been waiting for! The base is a wet-processed Ethiopia from the Sidama region and it brings forth the citrus and tropical sweetness. Joining the medley is a dry-processed Ethiopia that is milled near Yirga Cheffe town. This is where we get body, mouthfeel, and builds upon a fruity sweetness at any degree of roast. The third part of #32 is a Guatemala from the Acatenango growing region. It's purpose here is to create the balance of fruit with citrus zest. Being the diverse blend that this is, we have not only different processing methods, but size and density too! Taking this to a City+ roast at minimum is best to keep things harmonious. There are also some dry-processed coffees that are more on the smaller side of the spectrum.

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Cupping Notes

Workshop #32 is a great demo of how diverse a blend can be with great results. We roasted a couple batches to see how it worked at different roast levels. Our first roast was in the City/City+ roast range, achieving a nice, even roast, considering the varying bean sizes, densities, and processes. The dry grounds are loaded with fruit and milk chocolate - cherry, strawberry, and a note of lychee. Adding hot water increases intense fruit jam notes, letting off a big pectin sweetness of peach and marmalade in the steam. The cup is very fruit-forward, with blueberry and raspberry at the top of my adjective list, with a bittersweet cocoa flavor and finish. It's a bodied coffee, and espresso at this level will capture fruit juice brightness and milk chocolate flavor and body. We roasted to Full City too, which is a nice level for this coffee, still showing the complex nature of the blend without compromising acid contribution from the washed ingredients. The dry grounds have much more in the way of roast reflections, bittersweet cocoa and cedar chips. Red berry and papaya come through too, and become much more of the focus in the brewed cup. As espresso it's a fruit bomb, with thick chocolate pudding flavor and mouthfeel, still sharing citrus, berry and tons of bittering and sweet cocoa notes. Both long and short shots have tons of creme, making this a great candidate for milk drinks too. All in all, this is a great dual use blend, and one that makes a lasting impression with different brew methods. Touchdown!



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City as brewed coffee; Full City to Full City+ for espresso.


Other (see review)



Grade & Appearance

Tops; .4 d/300gr, 15+ Screen


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