Espresso Workshop #30 - Harmonic Tremor

Espresso Workshop #30 - Harmonic Tremor

Farm Description

Here's our latest and…well, really really good espresso "Workshop" blend (I hate to use "greatest" - because, how can I actually know if it's the absolute greatest?). This is the 30th installment, which feels very strange to say. Have we really been at it this long? Yes we have, and it's been fun to piece these blends together around interesting new crop arrivals. This one's based around a fresh crop Rwanda coffee that we were very impressed by in the espresso machine. On it's own, it makes for a viscous shot, and one with a thick, dark chocolate syrup flavor and backed with an acidic snap. In many ways, this coffee cups more like a Central American coffee, and so it made sense to pair it with one of our El Salvador offers as well as a coffee from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. All three coffees have a developed sugar sweetness, with layered chocolate flavors, and gentle yet present acidity. They work well together and are functional as a multi-use coffee - both as expresso and brewed. We roasted to both City+ and Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Full City+ for the review in order to get a good read on both uses. City+ is about as light as I'd take this coffee, with Full City getting my vote as the proverbial 'sweet spot', and Full City+ making for a more classically profiled espresso. As espresso, this blend finishes long, with shifting flavors of sweet chocolate, and a nice creamy caramel flavor that lingers. And so we call it "Harmonic Tremor", a long duration of sweetness that is sustained long after the initial sip. It is also worth mentioning that our score is based off of espresso. Brewed coffee is more dependent on roast - with Full City being easy 86+.

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Cupping Notes

There's a nice malted sugar scent to this coffee right out of the grinder. At City+ the smell is centered around dark sugar, warming spice, and a faint raspberry note. Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Full City+ roasts are more dark chocolate oriented and with a nice sweet cinnamon sauce smell. Adding hot water brings up several levels of browning sugars, and the break lets off a strong note of butter toffee in light roasts, and fudge caramel brownie in the more developed roasts. I'm fairly certain most folks will use this as espresso, so I'm going to start with reviewing that use. Shots are very, very creamy and with a flavor of high percentage dark chocolate bar. It's oh so sweet, and with notes of caramel sauce and a sort of salt water taffy flavor. The acidity is not over the top at all, but is defined by elements of cranberry juice and spritzed orange peel. The finish is very long and goes from flavors of dark cacao to a pleasantly bittering flavor of fine baking chocolate. It's a very nice set of flavors, and is less 'wild' and more in line with our classically profiled espresso blends. As a cup of coffee, this one's in the daily drinking category. Don't get this confused with 'boring', that's not at all what we mean. But rather, this is a coffee that we personally would like to literally drink every day because of its overall balance - not too acidic, fruity, floral, etc. With the right roast (City+/Full City) this coffee strikes a nice balance of spiced caramel flavor and apple-like, malic acidity. We actually preferred our brewed version right at Full City - smooth, balanced, and sweet.



Lot Size


Roast Recommendations

Full City and beyond for both brewed coffee and espresso


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

Tops; .2 d/300gr, 15+ screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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Like an earthquake - Harmonic Tremor!



#1 Roasting and Pulling well

One of the best espressos we have had with milk. The buttering chocolate character pulls together with the milk and creates a long sweet finish. It's also a very viscous shot, and holds crema nicely even at altitude. We're roasting it on a Giesen W15 and all components reach first crack almost simultaneously, which leads to a very even development. Overall we're happy with it.

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