Espresso Workshop #28 - Taller del Taller

Espresso Workshop #28 - Taller del Taller

Farm Description

Taller del Taller is our 28th installment for the Workshop. This blend pairs a coffee from Ethiopia, one from Burundi, and two from the Java region. We often add Java to our workshop blends to add a sort of "edge" to what could otherwise pass off as a "traditional" espresso profile. The Javas we've used for this blend, however, are washed and the result is a much more refined cup profile than wet-hulled or even other washed Java coffees we've had in the past. We went slightly heavier in the African components bringing up layers of chocolate, as well as a bright acidic snap that is congruous with these particular regions. The Ethiopia also has a delicious floral aspect that adds complexity to the overall profile. As with much of our preblended green coffee blends, we recommend that you take the roast toward Full City, or even the front edge of 2nd crack. Different coffees roast, well "differently", and adding some roast maturity will tone down some of the more nuanced roast inconsistencies you might find when trying to achieve a lighter roast level. Oh, and the name - "Taller del Taller" simply means "The Workshop's Workshop". We saw all sorts of "Talleres" on our last trip to Guatemala, and usually they follow this with the owner's name with what service is offered (mechanic, painter, etc). We put these blends together in our cupping lab, or workshop, at Sweet Maria's and so referring to this particular Workshop addition as being from the "Workshop" seemed appropriate (and pleasantly redundant)!

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Taller del Taller is a subtley fruited espresso with layers of chocolate notes that are often found in what are thought to be "Classic" espressos. The dry grounds smell like German chocolate cake - rich with dark baking chocolate, and even the creamy sweetness of the traditional coconut icing. The wet grounds are slightly more subtle - which is out of the ordinary, as typically adding hot water bolsters the aromatic profile. This isn't a bad thing though, and the smell is more of caramel or dark brown sugar than of dark chocolate. That said, there is a nice Mexican hot chocolate note in the shot, replete with a touch of cinnamon. This espresso has amazing mouthfeel. It's creamy, and viscous, creating the perfect transport for the flavors that follow. There's definitely lots of cacao here. A fudge flavor stands out and is sweet and robust, quickly shifting toward dark, high % cacao going into the finish. This richness is cut through by a tart berry acidity, like blueberry or the piquant side of red raspberry. It's bracing, and balances out the sweet but heavy layers of chocolate. This will definitely please those who are looking for what we often refer to as a "crowd pleasing" espresso, but has just enough "pop" to qualify as something slightly out of the ordinary. Full City roasts will also make great drip coffee as well!



Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+, and beyond!


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance


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