Espresso Workshop #27 - Los Tumulos

Espresso Workshop #27 - Los Tumulos

Farm Description

Los Tumulos is an espresso blend we designed as our 27th installment for the Workshop. It is made up of some of our new arrivals coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia. We put this together looking for brightness as well as maximum sweetness and aromatics. Kenyas in espresso can be tricky, especially at lighter roast levels where the acidity can be overwhelming. But we had this beautiful lot with a mild acidity profile, and thought it would work well in espresso, balanced with aromatic and body-heavy counterparts. The blend is amazingly sweet at lighter roast levels, and remains so even into darker 2nd Crack roasting. (As you know, we like our espresso on the more dynamic, brighter side, not the oily old Italian Roasts of the past). Los Tumolos can have many meanings ... earthen mounds, tombs, ancient burial sites. We see these signs when driving in parts of Central America warning of Tumulos, but it means speed bumps, not such an exotic reference. I was thinking this could mean "slow down, taste the coffee," but it is just an excuse for liking the name a lot!

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

This is a dynamic and brighter espresso at light roasts as well as darker. The dry fragrance has a distinct plum aspect at the lighter levels, with dark caramel and raisin at Full City roast. There is a divide in the wet aroma as well, with the lighter roasts distinguished by rose-like floral scents, over brown sugar sweetness. The darker roast levels have stewed fruits, dried plum and a hint of hibiscus, with chocolate syrup notes. The cup has complex stone fruits, ranging from peach-apricot in the lighter roast levels to the already-mentioned plum-raisin-prune at Full City roast. In any case, it has intense sweetness, and syrupy viscosity. Caramelized sugars are complex in themselves, with Bourbon vanilla retro-nasal aromatics. The finish is has jam-like fruit, along with fig butter. This isn't the kind of espresso I would normally pick for milk drinks, favoring blends with less acidity and more bittersweets. But the Tumulos interacts with lactose sugars to make a dessert-like concoction, really quite exquisite. This is a blend for people who prefer brightness and sweetness over more traditional Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. ">Continental espresso blends that have heavier roast levels and more bittering roast taste.



Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City+, and beyond!


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance


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#1 Bean Cycle in Fort Collins is

Bean Cycle in Fort Collins is doing a killer roast of this blend for espresso. The shot was all salted caramel, really simple but not in just a bright forward way, in a much more sweet forward way. One of the best shots I've had in a while. Shortbread cookie finish. The fruit thread was there, but so well incorporated that it didn't pop, peaches in caramel with a shortbread crust

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