El Salvador Santa Ana -El Angel

El Salvador Santa Ana -El Angel

Farm Description

Finca El Angel is a 7 hectare farm located on the steep slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, not far from the town of Santa Ana. The farm is operated by Don Pedro Antonio, whose father inherited the initial 1 hectare parcel many years ago. The family continued reinvesting in the farm each year, acquiring many of the surrounding parcels of land, and expanding their coffee plantation. The farm is planted in Bourbon and a small amount of Pacas (which acount for the large bean size), and has survived much of the roya crisis. This lot is the result of a new coffee project in the region by one of the local mills, their goal being to identify the top qualities from farmers they already buy coffee from. These coffees are then kept separate throughout the milling process, and sold as an individual microlots as opposed to being lost to large blends, rewarding the farmer for quality with a much higher premium.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

`The cup profile of El Angel is build around a melded raw sugar sweetness and rich bittersweet cocoa tones. These two aspects provide a wonderful base "coffee" flavor, on which subtle top notes hang. The bean size is on the large size, 17-19 screen, and the coffee can take a bit of heat in the roaster. We didn't roast a production batch, however I drew out the roast time a bit in our sample roaster by dropping the temperature and pulling air through the drum at the first audible 'pops'. If I were roasting in our 12k Probat, I would stretch the tail end of the roast a bit to really develop the sweetness, dropping the heat to 20% about 20 degrees before 1st crack, and still have enough charge to roll on through. Our City+ roast showed a toffee candy smell, creamy and sweet, like when cooking brown sugar and butter. The aromatics offered raisin and honey accents, along with milk chocolate waft in the steam. Full City will prove to be more bittersweet, also apparent in the cup, with a pleasant, sweet cedar smokiness in the background. City+ roasts have weighty body, like apple juice, and are dominated by brown sugar sweetness and a flavor of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Subtle top note accents come into focus as the cup cools - pear juice, raisin, and black walnut - offering contrast, while staying somewhat in the shadows. An overall lovely El Salvador coffee, which also makes for an incredibly chocolate toned espresso shot.



Lot Size

8 x 69kg bags

Roast Recommendations

Shows decent at City, but I enjoy a stretched City+ best myself. Full City will add more dark cocoa roast tones, and will dominate the profile at FC+


Wet Process


Bourbon     Pacas    

Grade & Appearance

SHB EP; .6 d/300gr, 16 - 18 screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.


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