El Salvador Honey Process San Pablo

El Salvador Honey Process San Pablo

Farm Description

The 1250 meter Finca San Pablo is located in the town of Concepcion de Ataco, not too far east of Ahuachapan city. This 10 hectare farm is planted in Bourbon and Pacas, and the meticulously sorted green stood out to the local miller who we are working with the secure microlots in the region. Before this, San Pablo's coffee was being mixed with large regional blends, regardless of the work and care put into production by farm ownder Don Mauricio Dardano (including hand picking of defects). This lot is honey-processed, meaning the coffee fruit is only partially removed through a mechanical demucilager with very little water, and then laid to dry on raised beds with a percentage of fruit intact. This is essentially pulp natural processing, and the amount of fruit left behind is adjusted in order to tailor the results. As the coffee dries, the thin fruit layer turns a reddish color, which has led to the name "red honey".

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Honey processing can have a muting effect on attributes like acidity, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Now, I wouldn't go as far as to call this "bright", or any El Salvador for that matter. But there is a perception of tea-like brightness in City and City+ roasts that adds a sort of mouth cleansing effect to the cup. City+ roasts have a nutty/sweet smell to them, a savory sweetness that reminds me of a mixture of miso paste and brown sugar. It's pleasantly aromatic, and drinking a pour over brew of light roasts still shows some of that sesame flavor and sweetness, kind of like those toasted sesame seed and rice syrup candies. As the cup cools, a soft fruited side emerges, apple juice, and a lemon pith note come to mind. This fruited side sees a boost with a shade more roast development, and our Full City roast had flavors of dried black fig, and a hint of Turkish apricot, all wrapped up in bittering dark cocoa flavors, a trace of cavendish tobacco accenting the finish.

June 2017 Arrival



Lot Size

4 x 69 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City and City+ will show brightest, and Full City teases out some darker fruit notes


Pulp Natural


Bourbon     Pacas    

Grade & Appearance


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Golden-colored honey processed coffee from Finca San Pablo, drying on raised beds at the mill in San Miguel

Ripening cherry on the hillside

Throwing bags of parchment coffee made to look easy at the San Miguel dry mill


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