El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Processing Set - Washed, Pulped Natural, & Natural

El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Processing Set - Washed, Pulped Natural, & Natural

Farm Description

Kilimanjaro farm is located on the highlands of the Santa Ana Volcano or Ilamatepec, 40 minutes away from the city of Santa Ana. The Batlle family purchased the farm in 1983, and are the third generation of a coffee family. Aida Batlle (the daughter) takes care of this coffee plantation which is nearly 40 years old, and located in one of the oldest coffee-growing areas in the country. She is a "hands-on" coffee grower, seen often at the farm and monitoring all the aspects of the harvest. This coffee was the 1st place winner in the first Cup of Excellence held in El Salvador, 2003. They pay the workers well, with salaries double the usual rates, but also demand very high standards in picking and processing. The neat thing about Aida is, after winning, she has decided to take the small production from this 30-hectare farm and distribute it among just a few buyers. We get very little. And we all pay a healthy price for the coffee to support the farm's improvement. It's win-win for everyone. And this coffee is worth the effort - it's a fantastic, dynamic Central American coffee. The farm is on the Santa Ana volcanic slopes, and is planted with 80% Kenya cultivar, 15% Bourbon and 5% Pacas. There are definite hints of the Kenya character in this cup. Altitude is 1450 meters (4750 feet) and there are diverse shade trees on the farm including Pepeto Peludo, Copalchí, Cypress, Avocado and Peach.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

This is a 75 lbs. set of Kilimanjaro processed three different ways: washed, pulp(ed) natural, and natural. Here are the general cupping notes for Kilimanjaro followed by specific notes for each processing method, a set consists of 25 lbs. of each vac packed at origin. This is a great opportunity to educate your customers and co-workers with an outstanding lot presented in three very different ways.

Overall Cupping Notes
The cup has an intense dry fragrance; strong caramel sweetness, dark fruits and berry notes. The wet aromatics have an almost minty liveliness to them, with honey and butter as well. There are mature fruits in the aroma too, raisin and plum. The cup flavors are outstanding. There's a very sweet cinnamon spice in the cup at the lighter roast level, pairing well with orange tea notes. At the lighter roasts there is jasmine flower, peppermint, a crisp brightness, with fresh raspberry and currant fruits, Meyer lemon, and black tea. The fruits have a winey tonality to them. The body is medium, and pairs well with a malty-sweet roast taste at City+ roast. The finish has fresh tea with lemon and mint. The volatile aromas on the cup are just fantastic. It is the best of what really high grown Central coffees can be ...it's what many other coffees wish they could be. After you cup a lot of Centrals, you key in on the qualities that this cup has in abundance and amplitude. And Aida's Kilimanjaro coffee shows that diligence, faith and investment in a farm can really pay off.

The wet processed Kilimanjaro is a beautiful coffee from start to finish. The dry fragrance is electric with ripe stone fruits notes like bing cherry and peach that meld really nicely with a floral honey character. On the break there is spiced apple cider, and clean sweet nectar. The overall profile is one of burnt sugar, fresh cream, toffee, plum (juicy, yet tannic), dried fruits like white raisin, prunes, and assam tea finish.

Pulped Natural
The pulped natural processed Kilimanjaro is still remarkably clean. The dry fragrance has fudge, honeycomb and graham cracker. On the break there is blackberry, dark fruits like plum and cane sugar. The overall profile is one of cherry cola, high percent cacao with a mineral dryness in the finish.

The natural processed Kilimanjaro is bursting with fruit flavors. The dry fragrance has red fruits like strawberry, floral qualities, ripe peach and caramel overlays. On the break it is like sniffing a bowl of strawberries and cream. The overall profile is one of clean fruited tropical notes, brazil nut in the finish, weighty mouthfeel and a winey aspect.



Lot Size

6 75lbs boxes

Roast Recommendations

City+ to Full City.


Other (see review)


Bourbon     Pacas     SL-34    

Grade & Appearance

0 d/300gr, 17-18 screen


Vacuum Packed at Origin
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Sorting coffee cherry at Kilimanjaro farm

The farm sign from the lower entrance.

Aida Batlle at one of her family farms

Damage to a coffee cherry, Kilimanjaro

Removing unripe coffee cherries


#1 Natural

Really nice natural. Lots of fruit with a caramelly aftertatse. cant wait to try all 3.

#2 Darren, this is such a great

Darren, this is such a great set to line up and try side by side. Not just thinking about how they're different, but how they're the same as well. This is an incredibly potent Dry Processed coffee, strawberry and yogurt all through the cup. I was duly impressed by the Pulped Natural, one of the cleanest PN's I've ever tasted, and amazing sweetness through the cup. Would love to put these together as a blend, prolly 60/20/20, PN ,DP, Washed respectively. Putting this blend together and brewing it, and then letting folks cup the components separately would be a great way to present these coffees.

#3 I actually have bagged all 3

I actually have bagged all 3 varieties into one bag so customers can try all 3. I have to agree with you about the pulped natural. A blend of all 3 is definetly something I am going to try.

#4 Blend

Tried a blend of all 3. It's kind of hard not to taste all 3 processes separately in the same cup after the fact though. The natural really just dominates and seems to get better as it ages. I would say a week after roasting is the sweet spot. What a great coffee. I am going to try it as an espresso as well. Too much fun.

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