Ecuador Organic Loja - Jose Maria Salinas

Ecuador Organic Loja - Jose Maria Salinas

Farm Description

Jose Maria Salinas is a coffee producer in the Southern Ecuadorian Province of Loja. More specifically his farm in located in San Antonio de Las Aradas de Quilanga. His mother, 95 years of age, is a 2nd generation farmer in San Antonio making Jose Maria the 3rd generation of Salinas coffee farmers to produce on this land. Caturra and Typica are planted on their plot which is very common for this particular region. Jose Maria manually depulps his coffee beans from their cherries, ferments them in a tiled tank overnight, washed them in the same tank and then dries them on raised beds at his mother's house.

Ecuadorian coffees are some of our favorite offerings this time of year. They've been harvested and shipped last fall and winter and stored in very dry conditions in Catamayo before then. They have better longevity than most coffees produced on the South American continent and make for something great in this in-between period as we wait for fresh Central American coffees to arrive.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

Loja is a balanced coffee with equal parts body, sweetness and acidity. The dry fragrance is floral like dried rose petals and honey. Baker's chocolate and and a warming nuttiness like toasted hazelnuts perfume the crust and break. At first taste the City roast is bright like lime and lemon. The aftertaste lingers like fine cacao. Its mouth feel is creamy with great weight. The City+ roast demonstrates darker fruit tones like raisin and hints of dried currants. The mouth feel is big and juicy. This coffee truly has great texture. The finish is similar to a higher percentage cacao and baker's chocolate. Our Loja lot is a versatile coffee. With characteristics similar to Antigua coffees it will work very well as a drip offering and excel as espresso.



Lot Size

28 - 50kg bags

Roast Recommendations

This coffee performs very well across the roast spectrum. Its quite dense so sweetness can be maximized at a City+ level versus leaving it lighter and potentially raw.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance



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#1 Still cupping strong! Had

Still cupping strong! Had this on the table and she's holding steady score wise and the cup continues to be super consistently sweet and balanced.

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