Ecuador El Guabo -Teofilo Jimenez Microlot

Ecuador El Guabo -Teofilo Jimenez Microlot

Farm Description

Note: We only have two vac packs of this special Ecuador left.

We are starting to work more with small producers in the Cariamanga and Espindola areas of Ecuador, near the border with Peru. The area has fantastic potential, but the prices for coffee have been so low historically that many small producers have simply given up on coffee. For those who continue, producing a rough form of natural dry-process coffee they call "bolla" locally has been an option. Unripe and ripe coffee are picked together, and the market price the bolla fetches barely makes harvesting worth the effort. But working with a local cooperative, Fapecafes and the larger coop ProcafeQ, we now have the opportunity to identify special microlots and buy carefully produced wet-process lots, or to build a blend from lots too small to export (as we do in Colombia and other places). This has opened up new possibilities for us, and this offering is from our first arrivals of this new Ecuador program. Teofilo Jimenez is an elder in the El Guabo community and has been producing coffee for some 35 years. His farm is at 1530 meters. This coffee was vacuum-packed at origin, and undisturbed by us here at Shrub, hence the slight larger vac pack size of 37 Lbs. This very small lot (10 vac pack bricks) is also the entire output from Sr. Jimenez' farm! It's a subtle coffee, but has some amazing qualities.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

The dry fragrance is very "Typica-like" ... it expresses the cultivar well. I get an amazing fresh raspberry scent, quite stunning! The wet aromatics after adding hot water are syrupy and sweet, and at City roast have a mild toffee scent. The cup too has real "Typica" character, mild and restrained in it's flavor attributes, but opening up as it cools. Initially, light body, almond roast taste and a slight floral sweetness are evident. As it cools it really comes on; sweet ripe orange, hibiscus tea, almondy finish. It passes from sweetness to slightly savory-nutty finish as it leaves the palate, and enjoyable transformation. I returned to the cups when it was completely cool to find peach and apricot jam notes. I kept my roasts light to capture the subtle character of this coffee. I don't suggest anything dark here, not even Full City. Let it rest, and pay attention to the cup as it loses temperature, because that's when I think it really shows it's unique qualities. This is a great choice for vacuum brewing.



Lot Size

10 x 37 pound bricks

Roast Recommendations

This requires a light roast: City to City+. It loses it's special character at darker roast levels.


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

0 defects per 300gr, 17-19 Screen


Vacuum Packed at Origin
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Landscape of Espindola district near El Guabo, a fairly arid and rugged terrain

New coffee bloom, near El Guabo, Espindola, Ecuador

Juan Jimenez (Teofilo's youngest son) and Mario at Espindola

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