Costa Rica San Martin de Leon Cortes

Costa Rica San Martin de Leon Cortes

Farm Description

San Martin de Leon Cortes is a small village on a high ridge, and not located on any official map. It is situated on along a part-paved and part-dirt road in the famed Tarrazu coffee-growing region of Costa Rica. Coffees from this area seem to mature over a longer period of time, and later than other areas of the Leon Cortes area of Tarrazu. This might account for some of the different cup flavors, or it could be that there are still old, local varietals in this area. This coffee is sourced from small producers in the area and processed at a nearby mill that has prepared some of our nicest lots in years past. So it's the best of both worlds for coffee quality; a great source for coffee cherries, and great processing and patio-drying.

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Cupping Notes

Aromatically, this Costa Rica shows a nice mix of honey and dried cherry. Sufficiently sweet, there's enough fruited top notes to sense an interesting cup. Adding hot water and and the smell is infused with vanilla bean, and apple tea, clean and defined. As a brewed coffee, City+ is a highlight roast. The cup shows lots of white tea and demurara sugar, a malted sweetness, and mouth cleansing acidity. There's a nice black walnut note too, along with flavors of apple and pear juice. It's a crisp cup, what we look for in Costa Rican coffees, such clean flavor expressions. Body is medium, at least as you creep toward Full City. City roasts are a bit light for me, thin, and more oriented around grain flavors. Like I said, we found our sweet spot at City+, making for a superb pour over!



Lot Size

53 x 46 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ is the sweet spot (in my opinion). Too light, and the cup is more grain than sweet, and too dark produces a bit of ash in the cup.


Wet Process


Bourbon     Typica    

Grade & Appearance

.2 d/300gr, 17-18 screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

San Martin on the raised drying tables

Other fruits at San Martin

Misty hillside at the farm, San Martin

The rasied drying beds at San Martin, sans coffee

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