Costa Rica San Marcos Arracache

Costa Rica San Marcos Arracache

Farm Description

Arracache is the name of one of several farms processed at Don Oscar micromill. The mill is owned and operated by two brothers, both having refined their milling practice at their cousin's mill nearby, Don Mayo (a name you probably recognize). The mill and farms are located in San Marcos de Tarrazu, and the name "Arracache" refers to an Andean root vegetable grown widely in the area. It's made up of 100% Catuai, and the farm extends up to 1900 meters above sea level. This particular lot separation is what they call a "white honey" process (we refer to it as "mechanically washed") where the maximum amount of mucilage is removed in the mechanical demucilaging machine, then washed off with water before being dried on raised patios. No fermentation is involved, and some of that mucilage remains intact with the seed. This one cupped with a clean expression of fruit flavors, and quite a bit of complexity at both City and Full City roast levels. Needless to say, it stood out on a table of over a dozen coffees from the area, and we were pleased to grab all the bags from this particular lot separation that were available.

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Cupping Notes

Arracache has a fruit-forward smell in the dry fragrance, notes of dried peach, and slab apricot sensed in the ground coffee. From City to Full City, the aromatics are so sweet and spice, and with a touch of dried stone fruits highlights. The wet aroma has a smell of honey-drizzled almonds, and a fruit concoction that's like dried mango and candied orange peel. The cup has a juiciness in mouthfeel carrying fruit flavors that are sweet and often wine-like. There's a pleasant drying aspect in the finish, especially at City roast level, like peach skin or iced tea. Fruited notes in City+ roasts run the range of ripe golden plum, muscat grape, and orange pulp, finishing with a pear-like sweetness. Full City roasts are accentuated by dense chocolate overtones, and body is inky too. This lot from Arracache is brilliant through and through, and makes a wonderful option for both brewed coffee and espresso.



Lot Size

40 x 46 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City to Full City works great as brewed coffee; Full City and beyond for espresso.


Other (see review)



Grade & Appearance

SHB; .4 d/300gr, 15 - 17 Screen


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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

The collection site at Don Oscar

Entering Don Oscar's milling and patio area, adjacent to the farms; 1650 meters here at the bottom

Drying on raised beds at the mill


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