Colombia Urrao -Finca El Arbol

Colombia Urrao -Finca El Arbol

Farm Description

Jose Leobardo's tiny farm "El Arbol" is barely more than a hectare, probably 2000 trees in total, and planted exclusively in Caturra. It's one of two lots adjacent to his home that he has planted in coffee. For him, coffee processing is a family affair, each family member assigned a specific role - one son oversees the harvesting of trees, another handles fermentation and washing, and the final son takes care of the parchment coffee through the drying stages. The part of Urrao where he comes from has really great altitude, 1850 meters on the valley floor, and coffee planted well above 2000. His coffee shared top placement in 2014 Taza de Antioquia (the Cup of Antioquia), a yearly competition with over 800 farmer contestants from the many growing regions. Submissions are made with the hopes of high placement and the successive auction-premiums that comes with it. Cold water springs are plentiful, and accompanied by cool climate make for slightly longer fermentation times (around 24 hours). Rains persist throughout the year seeing coffee on the trees every 3 weeks or so. Because of this, like Inzá on the opposite side of the country, Urrao has two "peak" harvests instead of the common "main" and then the much smaller "fly" crops (a product of lower levels of precipitation).

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Cupping Notes

Finca El Arbol's fragrance and aroma both have smells of baked goods, like cinnamon-sugar muffins, with dried currant, and blueberry accents. Molasses-like sweetness is more dominant in Full City roasts, with a scent of dark cocoa cookies. Breaking the wet crust releases a very sweet scent of raisin bread with cinnamon, and a light, tart citrus note. The brewed coffee shows has convincing sweetness and its fair share of fruit-forward flavors, though more like dried fruits than fresh. When hot, juicy body is apparent, and the cup pushes flavors molasses sugars, subtle dark fruit notes, and not so subtle dark cocoa tones. When the cup cools a bit, the fruit flavors that come up in the cup remind me of plum and date, some prune juice too. Mainly dark stone fruits come to mind I guess, flavors that run the range of rustic pectin sweetness, to the caramely palm sugar flavor that's found in Medjool dates. We've found the Urrao coffees to have mild to moderate acidity, and such is the case for this coffee. It does have an aspect of black tea, but it's much more in flavor rather than the tannic mouthfeel that accompanies the real thing. We found this coffee to show well at a wide roast range, darker roasting really boosting bittersweet cacao flavors without compromising some level of dark fruit.



Lot Size

10 x 70 kg bags

Roast Recommendations

City to Full City best captures complexity, but will show well at Full City+ if smokey cocoa tones is what you're looking to achieve


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

Estate; .4 d/300gr, 15+ screen


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One of Jose's sons processing the day's harvest

Una mapa de Finca Arbol

Jose Leobardo out on the farm, harvesting ripe cherry in 2015

Drying some "seconds" for local consumption

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