Colombia Pedregal Lot 172

Colombia Pedregal Lot 172

Farm Description

This year we were on the hunt for a new sourcing platform in Colombia, so it was our great pleasure to acquire access to coffees in the Pedregal region when we hired on our new coffee sourcer, Aleco Chigounis. This area has repeatedly produced sweet, clean coffees due to the prime coffee growing climate, altitude (between 1700-2000 meters), and careful cherry selection on the part of the farmers. Lot 172 comes to us from a small hamlet within Pedregal that is almost entirely planted with Caturra, save a few Bourbon and Typica trees intermixed. The selection process this year was insane, to say the least, seeing Tom, Aleco, and myself pouring over literally hundreds of samples in order to pick a handful of top lots. As you'll see with this lot (or rather taste), it was well worth the effort. This is one of several lots that we're bringing in this year, but this particular one is only being offered on Coffee Shrub.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

If you read the farm notes then you know our Pedregal lots are sweetness driven. Brown sugar and toffee waft from the aromatics of the dry grinds along with dark honey and a sweet, allspice note. The break offered a different take with fleshy fruit notes like mango and apricot. The cup profile on these lots demonstrates a large range of both sweetness and acidity often meshing well together as an aggregate expression of fruit. Green grape, or even white grape juice really, is most dominant although crisp, juicy Asian pear and red delicious are regularly apparent as well. As these coffees cool the sugar browning sweetness in them really takes over. Panela is one of the most intensely sweet and memorable taste experiences I can remember. Essentially its sugar cane processed and molded in simple fashion (see photos). Colombians and folks across rural Latin America often make their own panela to use as sweeteners and candies. Although slightly more floral and perfume-y panela is reminiscent of muscovado sugar with its deep, molasses-like sweetness. These Pedregal lots are laden with that panela/muscovado sugar flavor. As they cool, and getting past that particular note, a sweet citrus flavor like meyer lemon appears along with a toasted hazelnut warmness. Cool, a fine dutch drinking chocolate quality rounds the cup out kinda like fancy chocolate milk.



Lot Size

48 70kg Bags

Roast Recommendations

City+ for the most complex cup; Full City is great SO espresso


Wet Process


Bourbon     Caturra     Typica    

Grade & Appearance



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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Cherry Selection in La Palmera

Parchment Storage ( in the bedroom )

Producer Association Leadership

Special Delivery

Panela Caldron (cane sugar mill)

Molding the Panela

Virgilio and his processing station

Ajiaco aka Soup of the Gods

Intensive cupping work behind these offerings meant lots and lots of tables like this


#1 candied melon, caramel

candied melon, caramel finish, brown sugar. sweet, sweet sweet. I definitely concur with the City+ roast. The lightest roasts we plenty sweet and had a brilliant tartness, but the C+ roasts truly had the most profound sweetness and a roundness in the mouthfeel that really shows off the clarity. There's plenty of apricot and cherry here at C+, more completely so at this level than at lighter roasts.

#2 I would agree completely with

I would agree completely with your roast assessment Chris. 30 seconds of development after first crack puts the sugary-sweet qualities of this one in relief. I love the fullness in weight and mouthfeel here, but particularly how the flavor profile has a way of hitting so many attributes. Crazy sweet sugar-browning reactions set off with mild and persistent floral aromatics. There is a really delightful melon to cucumber quality which gives depth a sense of freshness. Aromatically, this is what lets me push the sugars a little further without losing a sense of brightness. I might lose just a little acidity by taking this to city+, but that fresh green-floral, cantaloupe-rind juiciness keeps it from being anything but flabby on the palate.

And yes, the full city roast from this is just about perfect espresso: 13:30 - 13:45 on my Probatino, with 410-411 on the bean probe, and 1:00-1:15 development after the end of first, with no second crack occurring. My only advice here would be to give it a good rest before pulling shots. Before five days, the fresh cucumber and melon quality has been just a liiiiittttttllle too green. After that, it is melted muscovado, straight up.

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