Colombia Organic Tolima - Finca La Coqueta, Jose Zapata

Colombia Organic Tolima - Finca La Coqueta, Jose Zapata

Farm Description

Organic coffees are not common in Colombia, and for a good reason. The coffee production from long-term organic farm projects is extremely slow, requiring that the price per pound be markedly high to make the effort pay fairly. The plain truth is that many buyers will not pay what it truly costs to produce organic coffee in a challenging environment like Colombia. Ask any organic farmer (or ex-organic farmer) in Colombia. Tolima coffees from the Planadas, Chapparel and Rio Blanco areas in the south have consistently been our top-rated coffees on the cupping table in these parts. This lot was selected from samples sent weekly direct from Colombia as a special Microlot for it's 88+ score. As a result, the farmer receives a premium on top of our standard payment at sustainable, direct trade pricing. Unfortunately, Tolima is still volatile with active FARC elements in the rural areas. It's one of the last places in Colombia that is still unsafe to visit. Even our friends from Bogota cannot go there. Hopefully this will change soon, but we have posted Colombia Caturra images from Huila in lieu of farm photos.

Note: We only have one 34 pound brick of this coffee left for sale.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

A lightly fruited sweetness (golden raisin in the light roast) is the primary attribute in the dry fragrance, with milk chocolate appearing as the roast level nears Full City. The wet aroma is dominated by fruits as well, but there is a neat, toasty malt-o-meal hot cereal scent in the light roast, somewhat buttery too. Darker roasts had a bittering element that, overlayed on the fruit, didn't work so well: I preferred a light City roast here.

Please note that we have a very small amount of this coffee, so we expect it to sell out quickly. We are selling it in original vacuum packed bricks from origin, so the size is a bit on the large side. But it is better to offer them intact rather than break them up!

Chris Schooley adds: I definitely got the sweet maltiness on the break. The fruit and tomato (more of sweet tomato sauce) brightness really stands out at first and while there is a big roundness to the body, it is clear and open inside. As the coffee cools, the body develops a refined creaminess that gives some more presence and support to the brightness but also helps promote the sweet malts in the finish. I also picked up a nice violet floral counterpoint to the fruited notes.



Lot Size

4 Boxes

Roast Recommendations

This coffee did well anywhere between City to City+ , with a lighter roast being prefered


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

0 defects per 300 grams; 16-18 screen


Vacuum Packed at Origin
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Caturra coffee leaves, with green new leaf, in Colombia

New flowering buds on Caturra coffee shrub


#1 Finca La Coqueta

Stuck to the city side for roasting. The depth of the sweetness in the cup was surprising. Quite a bit of milk chocolate up front...malted chocolate milk, like grandma used to make, but the finish was decidedly pure cane juice. I did get some of the nightshade fruit/tomato vine ripeness early on but this was short lived. (gone in day 3)

Great balance and a coffee that evolves as hours turn into days. 5 days off roast this coffee remained a great cup that mellowed into a tempered, sweet experience.

Thanks guys, always like an organic coffee that bucks the stereotype, especially from Colombia

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