Colombia La Unión Productores Aliados

Colombia La Unión Productores Aliados

Farm Description

This coffee was procured from a local association in the town of La Union, southern Nariño Department. This particular lot is a blend of coffees from six of the farmer members in surrounding Veredas of Buenos Aires and La Jacoba. They and the other allied producers (hence the Spanish name "Productores Aliados") were part of another association in the area who's ownership was recently turned over to a group far outside the region, and in an effort to keep trade and transparency local, a they have have pooled resources in order to set up a small milling operation at a warehouse in town. Their numbers are growing, and the quality we tasted some truly impressive coffees when cupping at their warehouse last July. Their farms are planted in Caturra and Variedad Colombia (F4 and F6 types), and this is a fully washed batch. We were impressed by these six individual lots, sizes ranging from 2 to 4 bags of coffee, and their similar profiles of cane juice-like sweetness and subtle fruited notes made blending them into this 17 bag lot an easy decision.

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Cupping Notes

La Union Aliados Productors has juicy texture when roasted to City+ and Full City roast levels. I processed three different roast batches, one to City, City+, and then a Full City roast that looked to be just shy of 2nd snaps. City+ is where I found a solid base sweetness that tasted reminiscent of fresh pressed cane juice. The sweetness level is dense, and top notes of plum, dried golden apricot follow closely behind. The cooling cup produces slighly more overt fruited notes like mandarin orange, tamarindo, and dried raisiny flavors, and a dry spice hints work their way into your line of sight (or taste, rather). Subtle tartness comes through in the lighter roasts that gives off impressions of water with orange essence. Full City has a fruited, Scharfenberger chocolate flavor, honey sweetness, and a bit of malt powder in the finish. This is a versatile coffee that retains vibrancy, as well as its fine cacao and fruited flavors intact across the roast spectrum. Sure to make a killer espresso too.



Lot Size

17 x 70 KG Bags

Roast Recommendations

City to Full City+ - personally, City+ was where I found sweetness to be the best, and still allowing for a nice orange-like tartness


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

Excelso; .4 d/300gr, 15+ Screen


Shipped to us in GrainPro
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

Sun peaking through a cloud-covered sky in the hills above

Narino backroads, in La Union

Parabolic beds in La Union

Pouring another table back at the association

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