Colombia Finca La Carolina, Luis F. Rincon

Colombia Finca La Carolina, Luis F. Rincon

Farm Description

Note: Only one 26 pound vacuum pack available.

This small micro lot from Finca La Carolina was something that came up on a cupping table in Bogota, and I had to get it. It is not a farm we have worked with, and in fact we don't buy so much from the Caldas area. But what a great coffee! The producer is Luis F. Rincon, and it is a small, typical Colombia operation where the farmer picks, depulps, washes, ferments and dries all his own coffee on the farm. The farm is in the area of Villa Maria, in the Caldas Department not far from Manizales. The farm manager is Leonardo Henao, and he used to work as a coffee cupper, a rare quality in someone on the agronomy end of coffee. He has been trying to develop micro lots on the farm by separating blocks of trees and processing them separately, as well as separating cultivars. The farm is between 1,610 – 1,834 meters, planted in Caturra, but half the trees are being renovated at this point, which means they are stumped to roughly 18 inches and allowed to grow anew. The "podo" is necessary both for quality and volume of coffee production, but some small farms avoid it because it takes the trees out of production for 2 years.

This coffee is part of our Farm Gate pricing program.

Cupping Notes

The aromatics were what really drew me to this cup. The dry fragrance was permeated with sweet floral qualities, confectionery sweetness, and caramelized sugar. The wet aroma unleashes some fantastic fruit smells of apricot preserves, with hints of red berry as well. The cup is "fruit forward" as well, and like the aromas, very sweetly so. Peach-apricot jam is the first flavor that emerges when the cup is hot, and a buttery-caramely aftertaste. There is a stated note of almond in a candy shell as the coffee continues to open up and cool with a confident ripe red berry finish. The body is clean and has a very wet character throughout. This is an uncomplicated yet deeply flavorful and appealing cup.



Lot Size

Equivalent of 4 Bags, 69 Kgs

Roast Recommendations

City to City+ is ideal. Darker roasts mute the acidity too much


Wet Process



Grade & Appearance

0 defects per 300 grams; 16-18 screen


Vacuum Packed at Origin
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This coffee has sold out. The review is provided for reference purposes only.

The house at Finca La Carolina, a 20 hectare farm.

Caturra trees and view from Finca La Carolina

Leonardo Henao rakes pergamino coffee on a raised bed

Amazing view from Finca La Carolina

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